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Wallach Groundbreaking Ceremony
Wallach Groundbreaking Ceremony
An aerial view of Wallach under construction in October 2019
Front view of Wallach nearing completion

The Campaign for Cardigan 2020

We are thrilled to share that June 30, 2020 marked the successful completion of The Campaign for Cardigan 2020, a significant milestone for “our favored school.” 

Our community constantly works to assess Cardigan’s health and identify strategies for a sustainable future. Since 2012, the results of this ongoing process have been captured in The Strategic Plan for Cardigan 2020. To help bring the School’s long-term goals to fruition, The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 has helped to fund the initiatives identified within the Strategic Plan. 

The deep commitment of family, friends, trustees, and alumni working as one for Cardigan has created a powerful force for change. Since 2009, the Campaign has strengthened Cardigan’s program, facilities, and endowment. Now, our current goal is to continue growth in each area, harnessing this strength to advance our academic program. Along with endowed fund initiatives, the current priority is the completion of the Academic Quad Project. This project is designed to help Cardigan infuse our educational philosophy into all aspects of academic life.

We began The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 over a decade ago with an audacious vision. Our intent was to improve Cardigan’s residential life for faculty and students; increase support for the daily work of our on-campus community; and ensure the School’s long-term financial sustainability. Please click the button below to read the full story.

Cardigan Completes Successful Campaign

Your support of these efforts has made even the loftiest goals achievable. I invite you to reflect on how far we’ve come together, and on how our combined efforts have created the momentum to carry Cardigan forward. There is more work to be done, and—now more than ever—I look forward with excitement, because I know what we can accomplish together.

Head of School Chris Day P'12,P'13

Recently Completed: The Academic Quad Project

The addition of Wallach presented an opportunity to create a true academic quad at Cardigan, concentrating the academic center of campus, elevating our program and enhancing the natural beauty of The Point.

The Academic Quad Project reclaimed space in the Chapel basement for a Music Center and redesigned Bronfman Hall into a Science Center, both moving Cardigan forward in our vision for active and collaborative learning. In alignment with the Wallach project, key program objectives informed project design:

Collaborative and Active Learning

The Academic Quad Project reflects and supports the School’s educational philosophy, developing spaces for academic risk-taking and active learning. Its components accommodate developments in both technology and curriculum; multi-use areas support intentional academic intersections even as they foster the “happy accidents” that occur in collaborative spaces.


The Academic Quad Project created connections between dedicated academic spaces with natural affinities, and also positions traditional classrooms near breakout spaces. This will simplify transitions from individual to collaborative curricula, and encourage collaborations between faculty, departments, and classes.


The Academic Quad Project takes advantage of increased classroom space in ways that positively impact the entire academic program. Departments should both expand and converge; faculty members who currently “roam” now have assigned classroom space; faculty have the ability to schedule labs or double-blocks without space constraints.

Completed: Chapel Music Center

This project returned the Chapel's lower level to its original intended purpose as a home to Cardigan’s music department. The Chapel Music Center fulfills several identified needs for the School's academic program and includes a dedicated music classroom, four practice rooms, a group rehearsal room, and a recording and editing studio.

First page of the PDF file: Chapel_Music_Center_rendering

Completed: Bronfman Science Center

For the beginning of the 2020-21 Academic Year, Bronfman Hall was renovated to integrate a new Science Center, centralizing, expanding, and updating resources for the science department.

An architect's rendering of the new second floor of Bronfman Hall

How can we help you?

For more information about The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 or the Academic Quad Project, please contact:

Sandra Hollingsworth
Director of Leadership and Planned Gifts and The Campaign for Cardigan 2020

Campaign Accomplishments

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Campaign Accomplishments