Work at Summer Session

Cardigan Summer Session students posing for the camera during art class

We are seeking educators, aspiring educators, mentors, and coaches who are motivated to create connections with students and help them to flourish as part of a diverse, multifaceted, and international learning community.

The Opportunity

You will spend your days sharing your knowledge with kids, watching them light up as they conquer new challenges and develop new skills. With small classes, individualized instruction, and support of students’ individual growth, Summer Session offers a unique opportunity to connect with students and peers. Perhaps you will gain a greater appreciation for teaching as you see your students grow their self-confidence and sense of independence. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy being outdoors, because Summer Session presents a unique blend of summer camp and academic activities.

As a member of a diverse group of educators and child development professionals, you will join a network of colleagues who will be by your side as you face new challenges, build upon the things you love, find new reasons to reinvest in your work, and relish the joy of having an impact on students' lives. Formal learning opportunities abound, and yet Summer Session is just as much about remembering the simplicity of nature, being outside, a spirit of camaraderie, togetherness, and fun. You will create your own lasting connections and mentorships as you foster authentic relationships with others in an outdoor, limited-technology environment.

What to Expect

All summer faculty have roles in the classroom. You may be teaching history or coding, ESL or fine arts. Few of our Summer Session team are in the classroom 100% of the time. Summer Session provides a great mix of the many experiences that make up the full life of a teacher at a modern residential school: an approximately balanced mix of teaching, supervising residential life, and leading activities and adventures during out-of-class time. 

Living and working in a mixed academic/camp environment is a rewarding, exciting, and unparalleled summer experience. Today's youth are curious and complex. They often have needs for mentorship and support outside of academic life. You will find yourself helping students in myriad ways both in and out the classroom, always with a web of support from colleagues and your leadership team. At times difficult, being a trusted adult can be a lot of work and can entail long days and hours while we put our students first. At the same time, there is downtime, time off, and plenty of opportunities to fill your bucket throughout the summer.

Please see this complete list of Summer Session Staff Requirements and Expectations.

Benefits For Summer Session Team Members

  • All meals
  • On-campus housing (for Residential and Aspiring Teachers)
  • Full access to Cardigan's Johnson-Wakely Fitness Center
  • Full access to Cardigan's waterfront and watercraft
  • Full access to Cardigan's trail network (over 9 miles!), tennis courts, and outdoor spaces
  • Periodic evenings off based on the rotating duty roster
  • One weekend off during our four-week session (June 29—July 27)

Individual Job Descriptions

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You can also reach out to Director of Summer Programs Matt Rinkin via email at

Cardigan Mountain School is an equal opportunity employer, and will not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination, against any employee or applicant in any manner prohibited by law.

Summer 2024 Dates

Summer Session 2024 will begin Saturday, June 29 and end Saturday, July 27, 2024.


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