Leadership Program

Summer Session student leaders

The Cardigan Summer Session Leadership Program introduces young leaders to various themes and practices of leadership within an encouraging and supportive framework of self-assessment, reflection, and discussion. Leaders develop self-confidence, altruism, critical thinking skills, and global awareness through structured leadership programming.

General Description

Student Leaders take special courses in leadership, practice leadership skills, model behavior, and mentor younger students. Course work emphasizes the importance of goal setting, motivation, teamwork, challenge, and diversity. 

The Leadership curriculum consists of biweekly in-depth, interactive seminars led by Cardigan Summer Session faculty members and guest seminarians. Work in this course will revolve around the seminar topics and will include oral and written personal reflection, individual and group presentations, group discussions, and project design. Outside of the seminars, the student leaders will put their learning to practice on campus. Leaders will work with younger students in a variety of ways, including facilitating dorm debrief, helping younger students navigate their days, running select activities, and heading the family-style meals in the dining room. Leaders will practice servant leadership.


Student Leaders model culture and behavior for our younger students. Leaders facilitate group activities, lead dorm activities, head family-style meals, and perform tasks as designated by the Leadership Team. Student Leaders rise to challenges, supported by the Leadership Team.

"Cardigan's Summer Session Leadership Program is absolutely out of this world. It's a phenomenal program, and I think that every student should go through it." Zeno from Manhattan, New York

Leadership Program Tuition

Full Four-Week Summer (July 3-29), Domestic Boarding: $3,750
Full Four-Week Summer (July 3-29), International Boarding: $4,000
*Enrollment is limited to 10-12 students.

Who May Apply

Current 10th graders with at least one summer’s experience at Summer Session. Current 9th graders may also apply, but preference will be given to 10th graders. Enrollment is limited to 10-12 students.

To Apply

Students interested in applying to the Leadership Program should contact summer@cardigan.org for more information.

"When I first came into this program, I wasn't the most confident person. This Leadership Program really helped me build up that self-esteem and learn what I need to be able to have self-confidence. Everything that I've learned I will take with me for the rest of my life." Yin from Bronx, New York


How can we help you?

Korinne L. Nevins
Director of Summer Programs
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