For Accepted Students

Cardigan Summer Session students work under the guidance of our woodshop teacher

Congratulations on your acceptance to Cardigan’s Summer Session!

This page contains important information you will need to prepare your child(ren) for an unforgettable summer experience at Cardigan. We look forward to working with your family and welcoming your child(ren) to campus this summer! 

You should have already received an email from us with your official notification of acceptance. If you are ready to confirm & finalize your enrollment, please see the steps below. If you have applied for Financial Aid and are awaiting notification, we recommend waiting to complete these steps until after you have reviewed and accepted your Financial aid award. Your child will not lose their place in the program while Financial Aid determination is in process.

Steps to Confirm & Finalize Enrollment

Please log into your CampInTouch account and complete the following steps. Important note: Make sure to log in using the same email address to which your acceptance notification was sent.

1. Click ‘Forms and Documents’ on your Forms Dashboard.

2. Electronically sign your Enrollment Agreement and pay your Expense Deposit of $500 for boarding students or $250 for day students within two weeks of receiving your notification of acceptance.

Additional Important Information 

Your Forms Dashboard: We will need to collect additional documents and details from you prior to the start of camp. Everything that must be completed and/or uploaded for your student will be listed on your Forms Dashboard. Some may be accessible immediately upon enrollment confirmation (such as the Permissions & Waiver Form) and others (such as the Course Selection form) will be added in early 2022. 

Email Updates: You will receive email updates from our office routinely in the months leading up to opening day with reminders and notifications of updated form availability. You’re also welcome to log in to your CampInTouch account at any time day or night to update and complete the required pieces. 

Summer Session Handbook & Course Catalog: The 2022 Summer Session Welcome Guide and Handbook and 2022 Summer Session Course Catalog are linked here to serve as a reference for you. These documents will also be available for download directly from your Forms Dashboard. The 2022 editions of these publications will be available in early 2022.

Tuition: The full Summer Session tuition must be paid by June 17, 2022. Payments can be submitted by check or money order (make payable to "Cardigan Summer Session"), wire transfer, or paid online using a credit card. 

Health and Safety Protocols

In order to promote a healthy school community, prior to arrival, all students must submit proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 with a WHO or CDC approved/authorized vaccine, unless an approved medical or religious exemption applies. In the event that the student requests an exemption, the School will discuss whether reasonable accommodations that do not impose an undue hardship on the School may be made. While the pandemic or a regional or local outbreak is in effect, and regardless of the student’s vaccine status, the student is required to adhere to the School’s rules and protocols addressing health and safety, including obligations to wear a mask, maintain a social distance from others, practice appropriate hygiene, and any other rules adopted by the School. In addition, during a pandemic or outbreak of a serious communicable illness, the School may require that the student be monitored for symptoms and that the student undergo periodic testing, which may be administered by the School or a qualified third party vendor. In the event that the student tests positive, the School is required by law to share those results with the local department of public health but will otherwise treat the information as confidential health information. The student will also be required to follow whatever protocols are required by law and School policy related to curbing the spread of any communicable illness.

2022 Travel and Transportation - Arrivals

All students should plan to arrive at Cardigan on July 2, 2022. There are three ways for your child to arrive on campus:

  1. Parent/Guardian Transport Direct to Campus.
  2. Cardigan-Chaperoned Ground Transportation. Cardigan can arrange transportation from Boston-Logan International Airport and New York-JFK International Airport for students arriving between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EDT. *More information about this option will be available in Spring 2022.
  3. Private Car Service (Not Chaperoned by Cardigan). For students arriving at the airport outside the 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. flight window, Cardigan can help arrange a private car. 

*If possible, we highly recommend that your child flies into Boston-Logan because of the proximity to campus.*

2022 Travel and Transportation - Departures

Students must depart campus by 12 p.m. EDT on Saturday, July 30. There are three ways for your child to depart campus:

  1. Parent/Guardian Direct Pickup at Campus.
  2. Cardigan-Chaperoned Transport to Airport. Cardigan can arrange transportation from Boston-Logan International Airport and New York-JFK International Airport for students departing within a specified time window. *More information about this option will be available in Spring 2022.
  3. Private Car Service (Not Chaperoned by Cardigan). For students with flights departing outside the specified time window. *More information about this option will be available in Spring 2022.


Course Catalog

View the 2022 Summer Session Course Catalog! 

View the Catalog

Summer 2022 Dates

Summer Session 2022 will be one four-week session beginning Saturday, July 2 and concluding Saturday, July 30.


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