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Cardigan@Home is an opportunity for boys and girls entering grades 6 through 9 to enrich their knowledge in core academic areas alongside experienced teachers and students from around the world.

Throughout the month of July 2021, we will use digital platforms to engage daily in face-to-face discussions of your choice in Math, English and/or Essential Academic Skills, growing and learning together. Cardigan@Home provides students with a balanced opportunity to keep their minds engaged over the summer and prepare for new challenges this fall.

Our program is straight-forward: two classes per student, two total hours of class per day, face-to-face classes using video conferencing software, eight students/teacher, experienced teachers familiar with middle school students, and individualized feedback to help your child grow as a student. 

Most importantly, however, we bring what is uniquely Cardigan to this experience: a deep sense of caring, a belief in the power of healthy relationships to make a difference in learning, and an understanding of why middle school is one of the most important times in your child's personal and academic lives.

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Cardigan@Home Program Details

Dates: July 5-July 30

Class meeting times:  8:00-10:00 a.m. (Eastern U.S. Time) Monday through Friday.

Ages: Girls & boys entering grades 6, 7, 8, or 9 in the fall of 2021.

Tuition: $3,000 for the full program of two classes. If space allows, we will accept students interested in a partial program of one class for $1,500.

Financial Aid: Limited Financial Aid is available

Admissions: Rolling admissions through June 25, 2021. Enrollment will be limited to ensure low student:teacher ratio.

Course Offerings

The purpose of the Cardigan@Home class offerings is to provide an enriching experience and prepare students for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. The Math and English courses utilize and deepen the skills and strategies that are taught in the Essential Academic Skills course. Please choose two of the four class offerings described below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote learning at Cardigan still means face-to-face learning. Our classes meet every day over Zoom, bringing us together not just as students and faculty, but as people. We build relationships between people, not with websites.

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Korinne L. Nevins
Director of Summer Programs
62 Alumni Dr.
Canaan, NH 03741
Office: 603.523.3526

Academic Team

Marten Wennik
English Department Chair
Mr. Wennik is a veteran of our academic year and Summer Session programs, and has helped generations of Cardigan students improve their reading and writing skills. 

Kyla Joslin
Math Teacher
Ms. Joslin has taught math during our regular academic year and Summer Session programs. She enjoys making mathematics fun, relevant, meaningful through projects and hands-on activities.