Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Student Activities

Cardigan students load three canoes with fishing gear and set out on the lake

Cardigan boys never lack for activities to fill their time! Read about our afternoon clubs, our inter-dorm competitions, our on and off-campus weekend activities, and the fun to be had at the Haven, our student center.

The Haven

Cardigan Mountain School opened the doors to “The Haven,” the student center, in May 2013. The student center is a place for Cardigan students to unwind and relax with their friends. With its high-top tables, couches, and overstuffed chairs, The Haven offers various opportunities based on interest. For gaming enthusiasts, the latest editions of racing, hockey, soccer, and football games may be played on two side televisions with the X-Box 360 consoles—or take your talents to the arcade console, which allows a play to choose from 135 different games. Air hockey, ping pong, foosball and shuffleboard tables fill the center of the room, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Two additional televisions are available for watching a ball game, movie, or favorite television show. The walls are lined with iconic photographic moments and scenery from Cardigan, or involving Cardigan students, taken by members of the Cardigan community. Students may also purchase tasty treats from candy bars to soda, most for 75 cents, from the snack bar, which is open on weekends.


On Thursday afternoons, instead of team athletics, students participate in club activities. Each season, boys can choose their faculty-supervised club from a list of more than 30 options. Some of the clubs are community service activities such as cleaning up local roads or volunteering at a thrift store. Some are school-related activities like the Yearbook Club. Still others provide an opportunity for students to try a new sport or hobby like ice skating, bocce, or fly fishing. There are also movie and game clubs. Some clubs may have an additional cost or fee associated with them. Club offerings change three times a year.

Weekend Activities

Cardigan has a person dedicated to coordinating weekend activities for the boys, including a diverse program of on-campus activities and off-campus trips. 

Saturday night activities usually include Cardigan Café: a movie being shown in the Klein Family Theater, pizza delivery, and access to TV, video games, ping-pong, foosball, and the like, in The Haven. Students may also use the gym and the Wakely Center (for indoor tennis or pickup hockey, depending on the season).

Students who prefer a quieter scene may opt to be in their common rooms or dorm rooms during this time, playing on the computer, reading, or watching a movie. Sometimes a trip will go out Saturday night (e.g., to see a theater performance at another school, to watch a live college hockey or basketball game, to take advantage of a rented facility—such as an indoor soccer space, or to go out to dinner and a movie), but many trip opportunities also arise on Sundays—things such as making the trek to an amusement park, playing mini golf and hitting balls at a driving range, deep-sea fishing, going to a shopping mall, hitting the ski/snowboard slopes in winter, or playing laser tag, to name just a very few.

Sunday can be a day of “rest,” as well, as boys may sleep later than usual and go to buffet meals in casual dress, and they may use their time as they desire—for the most part. Facilities requiring supervision (rink, waterfront, indoor courts, gym, weight room, student center, etc.) are generally open from 1:00 to 5:00 on Sundays, and sometimes informal on-campus tournaments or contests (3 vs. 3 soccer, campus golf, “trash can lacrosse,” etc.) are organized. Outdoor fields and courts may be used all day on Sunday.

Dorm "Olympics"

The Dorm Olympics provides dormitory floors and houses the opportunity to bond over friendly school-wide competitions. These competitions begin with the “sneaker game” on the first day the whole school is together and culminate with the tennyball playoffs the week before commencement. Similar to the Cardigan experience, the Dorm Olympics encompasses multiple facets of school life. Events are not always physical in nature and often require teamwork and thought. Residential life components such as dorm cleanliness and service initiatives, as well as academic components such as honor roll achievements, are also tabulated for points. During the final Recognition Assembly, the dorm that has the most points is awarded the Dorm Olympics Trophy. The trophy is housed on that floor for the following year.

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Nicholas Nowak
Director of Student Life

Danielle Fedele
Dean of Students

Erzi Willems
Travel Coordinator

Plan of the Week

Cardigan students accomplish many things every day. By the the time they go to bed, they've had classes, advisory, athletics, study halls, and more. Our Plan of the Week details the daily schedule and is a vital resource to the students and faculty alike.

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