Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Student Travel Guide

Travel Forms

Convenient forms are used for parents to provide important information about student travel to and from Cardigan Mountain School. These forms are will be available on the Parent Resources page in advance of each travel date. We ask that ALL families, including local families, complete these forms. Each form should be received by our travel coordinator well before the travel event.

Student Travel Coordination

If ground transportation to and from Cardigan is not arranged by our travel coordinator, please include a name and phone number for the person responsible for driving your son on the Travel Form if that person is not a parent or legal guardian. If you are picking up your son, we ask that you not exit your car upon arrival to campus, but wait for the student to get into your car (unless arrangements have been made with our Student Life office). If you intend for your son to ride the Cardigan Boston bus to and/or from Logan Airport for any of the breaks, please check the schedule to ensure that the day and time of your son’s flight aligns with bus availability.

If your son is not flying out of Logan Airport, but you would like him to ride the bus to Logan Airport (where you will meet him) please complete the travel form. This way you can reserve a seat on the bus for your son. Drop off time and location at Logan Airport will be determined a few days before travel; name and phone number of pick up person will be required). A reservation is needed to hold a seat for your son, so please complete the Travel Form as soon as possible. Please be sure to send your son’s itinerary as well as any last minute seat changes to

When returning to campus on a designated Cardigan bus day, we can arrange to pick up your son in Terminal A at 5:30 p.m. A reservation is needed to hold a seat for your son, so please complete a travel form with your request as soon as possible.

Private Car Service

Private car services are not arranged or recommended at this time. We will send a faculty member whenever possible. If you have any questions, please email for more information.

International Families

Our travel coordinator is also one of our DSOs (Designated School Official) for SEVIS. If you have questions or concerns regarding your son’s passport, Visa, or F1 status, please feel free to reach out. More helpful information can be found on the Study in the States website.

Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMS)

What is it? Who needs it? It depends on your child’s airline! This service needs to be requested by a parent or guardian upon booking the ticket. Call the airline to confirm their unaccompanied minor policy prior to making a reservation. The policies are often not clear or entirely up-to-date online and there may be exceptions or differences in the policy depending on the arrival and departure location. Additionally, some airlines require you to make reservations for unaccompanied minors over the phone.

You will need to pay for, complete, and sign a UMS booking form, naming the responsible adult who will deliver the child to the airline staff on departure and also naming the adult who will collect the child at their arrival destination. It is essential that this information is accurate and the adults have official ID to show the airline staff. The airline staff may refuse to allow the child on the flight or release the child into the care of the adult on arrival at their destination if they do not have an acceptable ID. Typically Cardigan chaperone information is available two days before flying. Always check with the airline that your son is flying with for their unaccompanied minor age rules. Airline rules vary. 

Please don’t forget to inform the travel coordinator of your son’s UM status (yes or no choice on the travel form). If he is an Unaccompanied Minor, it is extremely important that information about the person receiving your son upon landing is exchanged.

*For International families, our travel coordinator is also a Designated School Official for SEVIS. If you have questions or concerns regarding your son’s passport, Visa, or F1 status, please feel free to reach out to

Travel Dress

All students using ground transportation to and from school arranged by Cardigan must be in travel dress (class dress with sneakers).