Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Student Expenses

The Student Debit Card

Each boy will receive a student photo identification card. This ID card also serves as his student debit card, which he will use to make all his financial transactions at Cardigan. Parents may restrict spending at the Pfeffer-Beach Student Store. A form will be provided in the Registration Forms found online at 

It is, as the name implies, a debit account, which means a positive balance should be maintained at all times, or your child may be denied access to various supplies or services. The Business Office will email a statement bi-weekly throughout the year to keep parents informed of the balance in their account. If a student loses his ID card, the replacement cost is $10. He should report the loss to the Business Office.

At the beginning of the academic year, one half of your enrollment deposit, $2,000 ($750 for day students), becomes the opening balance on the debit card. Please keep in mind that class materials, sports equipment, and clothing purchases made at the School Store can add up quickly. Also, off-campus activities are planned for every weekend, and special trips are frequently offered. There may be additional charges to cover admission fees and spending money.

You can add funds to your son’s debit account by check or online at
The Pfeffer-Beach Student Store is open certain hours each day. Your son may bring his school ID card, which can be used to identify himself for purchases. Parents may restrict (in advance) the amount of money spent each month at the store (by indicating this on the appropriate form from among the online Registration Forms), and a boy will be alerted by the Pfeffer-Beach Student Store’s manager, Mrs. Jamielynn Garland, when he is reaching or is overstepping his limit with a purchase. Please note that the Pfeffer-Beach Student Store carries just about anything a boy will need while here at Cardigan—from toiletry items to school and dorm-room supplies to outerwear for chilly weather and snacks, drinks, etc.  We limited traffic in the school store during the 2020-21 academic year consistent with health and safety guidelines.  Boys will be informed how they can get something in the school store when they arrive on campus.

Spending Money

If a boy knows he will need money for something during the weekend that is approaching, he should plan accordingly and visit the Student Bank during designated Student Bank hours in advance of the weekend. (The use of the school store and how it will be open for boys to visit will be discussed when they arrive on campus). We will not be offering off campus trips at the start of the year on weekends, so the need for cash will be limited.

The School places a limit of $50.00 on the amount of cash a student is allowed to have in his possession. This includes any cash in his dorm room. He may draw a $5.00 allowance each week from the School Bank, and he may draw amounts of cash established by his parents as appropriate on shopping trips and outings. If parents wish for their student to make a bigger purchase, they should notify Mrs. Kinne in the Business Office, at, in advance. A request of this nature may be necessary for your student to purchase special athletic equipment, expensive articles of clothing, computer equipment, or travel money.


All tuition payment plans should be set up through Blackbaud Tuition Management or the Cardigan Business office by August 1st; 50 percent of the enrollment deposit is applied to tuition, and 50 percent to the student’s debit account. 

Any question regarding tuition, fees, or debit accounts should be directed to the Business Office.

Miscellaneous Fees/Costs Billed to Student Debit Accounts

This table provides a sample of potential club, travel, and other fees and costs that may arise during the academic year.


Alpine Team and USSA Fees $2,000+ Ski pass and transportation (varies yearly)
Athletic Ski/Snowboard Recreational $500–$1,000 Ski pass and transportation (varies yearly)
Athletic Sports Equipment Varies Parent permission needed (hockey, skiing, etc.)
Athletic Supplies Varies Covers mouthguards, laces, skate sharpening, etc.
Athletic Tournaments—Overnight $200+ Hotel and transportation
Athletic Uniforms Not Returned Varies Replacement cost
Cardigan Café—Pizza $13.50 Three varieties offered
Clubs $5–$25 per week Varies by club based on costs/fees (if any)
Haircuts $30  
Laundry Bag Not Returned $25 Refer to Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Linen Form
Library Charges Varies Replacement cost (unreturned books)
Medical Prescriptions Varies Per insurance or copay
Music Lessons (noncredit) $42 Per 30-minute lesson
Music Supplies Varies Per item purchased
Postage Varies Per package (including FedEx, UPS, etc.)
Property Damage Varies Repair/replacement cost
School Store Purchases Varies Refer to Spending Restriction Form
Snowboard Team Fees $1,000 Snowboarding pass and transportation (varies yearly)
Special All-School Trips Varies Cash for meals, cost of tickets (when applicable)
SSAT Exam $165  
Student Textbooks $150–$350 Varies per grade
Technology Fee (One-to-One Laptop Program) $1,600 One-time fee, billed with tuition.
Travel—Extra/Overweight Bags Varies Refer to relevant airline information
Travel—Money Varies Refer to relevant travel form
Travel—Transport to/from Airport Varies Refer to Frequently Asked Travel Questions
Travel—Unaccompanied Minor Fee $150+ Refer to relevant airline information
Weekend Activities/Trips $25–$100 Varies by activity/trip