Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9


The Cardigan Communications Office is here to help you and your family stay connected and well-informed about all the inspiring and important things happening here on The Point, as well as within the greater Cardigan Mountain School community.

The Communications team uses a number of platforms, both print and digital, to get the word out, so that each member of the Cardigan family can keep in touch with us in the way that’s most familiar and convenient. This guide will provide an overview of Cardigan Mountain School communications—and the ways in which you can choose to engage in our vibrant program from wherever you are in the world!

Our Weekly E-Newsletter: To The Point

This fun and informative e-newsletter is distributed at least once a week while school is in session. Every issue contains stories about what’s happening here on campus and includes links to photo galleries, videos, and important resources like the “Plan of the Week.” All parents and students are automatically subscribed to To The Point.

Our School Magazine: The Cardigan Chronicle

Published twice each year, this is the School’s signature print publication that provides feature articles and alumni class notes, updates on academic programs and campus projects, photographs from events that happen throughout the year, and much more. All enrolled families are automatically subscribed to the Cardigan Chronicle.

Follow Cardigan on Social Media

The Communications team manages a number of social media accounts where we share all the moments that make the Cardigan experience so powerful and unique.

Student Image Use In Cardigan’s Media

Cardigan Mountain School frequently uses photographs and videos of students in its various publications, including our e-newsletter To The Point, magazine the Cardigan Chronicle, website, social media pages, and other school publications such as athletic programs, and drama production programs. With the understanding that Cardigan does not intend to identify individual students in digital media, parent permission for Cardigan to share these photographs and videos with our community is assumed, however, parents absolutely do have the ability to opt out. There is an opportunity to change your preferences in this area on the 2020-21 Registration Form.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Safety

Understanding that parents of boarding school students want and need to see what’s happening in their children’s lives while they’re away, and also acknowledging the need to implement practices that respect individual and family privacy, it is our practice to not use a student’s name in any social media image posts, nor to caption or label any online photographs with a student’s name, without first gaining the specific consent of a student’s parent. If we have any reason to wish to identify a student in digital media, we will reach out and ask you if it’s okay to identify your son. If you have any specific questions or concerns about privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact Director of Communications Chris Adams (

Accessing Grade Reports Online

After each midterm and after each term ends, we will update progress or grade reports online, which can be accessed through our online system on Cardigan’s Family Access Module

  • Your login is your email address.
  • If you forgot your password or if you are a new parent and have never logged in before, please click “Help, I forgot my password.” While you are logged in, please check your contact information. Simply click on “Household” and make sure your home address, phone number, email, etc. is correct for our Family Directory. If you do not want to share your contact information with other Cardigan parents and guardians, please check “Do Not Publish (DNP)” next to the pertinent information. However, if you are interested in connecting with parents (for rideshares, etc.) in your area, please be sure to keep it unchecked.

The first grade report will be posted here in October (after the fall midterm.) Please contact with any questions.

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