Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Letter from the Athletic Director

I hope this finds you rested and ready for the start of another school year! All Cardigan athletic policies and procedures will be outlined in the Athletics section of the Student Handbook (the 2022-23 version will be available in September) but there are a few notable items we would like to bring to your attention at this time:

  • During our "Homecoming" period after registration, all student-athletes will receive a locker, laundry loop, two pairs of practice shorts, and two practice t-shirts.
  • Each new student (and students needing to reorder) will receive a custom Cardigan Mountain School warm-up suit, for which he will be fitted during our "homecoming" period between registration and the first day of classes. The warm-up suit will be billed to the student’s account at a reduced cost of $165.00. All students will be issued their first two sets of green shorts and gray t-shirts at no charge. We moved to a uniform warm-up suit to prevent each student from feeling the need to buy warm-ups or jackets for each Cardigan team on which he participates. The warm-up suit will provide each boy with a uniformed look for travel and practice, enabling him to represent the School and himself well. The warm-up suit will be consistent throughout your son’s years at Cardigan. Once you have purchased a warm-up suit, you will not need to purchase an additional one unless a replacement is needed. 
  • Returning students who still have their warm-up suit from last year are required to bring it to school, so they do not need to purchase a second one (unless they choose to purchase a new one). These students will be given their two new pairs of practice shorts and the two practice t-shirts at no additional charge.
  • Personal hygiene in the locker room is very important. Cardigan uses a loop system in which each student-athlete is given a laundry loop that coordinates with his assigned locker, a lock, and a towel. We require each student-athlete to use the clean towel from their loop after each practice to shower in the locker room before returning to his dorm. After practice, each student-athlete places his dirty clothes on the loop and returns the loop to the equipment room to be washed. The loop will be returned to his locker the following day with clean practice gear and towel.
  • All student-athletes are provided with game uniforms and some team equipment (such as helmets). Game uniforms should be returned to the equipment room after each game. After the season, any game uniforms or borrowed equipment that is not returned will be charged to the student’s account at the replacement price. Please help us make sure your son returns all of his uniforms and equipment after each season.
  • All boys will need a clean pair of athletic shoes that can be used for the gym, indoor tennis courts, and fitness center. In addition, each student will need proper footwear and personal protective equipment for the sport he intends to play. For example, if your son is going to play football, he will need football cleats, along with a cup and supporter. If he is planning to join the Mountain Bike Team, he will need a quality mountain bike. (Please refer to to this letter from Mountain Bike Coach Doug Clark for helpful details.) All other equipment, such as mouth guards, football pads, and uniforms, will be provided at no additional charge. If your son intends to bring his own football (or hockey, lacrosse or baseball) helmet please note that we use forest green helmets, and his helmet will need to be cleared by the Athletic Trainer and equipment room staff for safety. 
    • Cross Country: quality running shoes 
    • Soccer: soccer cleats and shin guards; cup and supporter recommended
    • Football: football cleats, cup and supporter
    • Sailing: sailing gloves, dry suit or wet suit (drysuit recommended; we do have some loaner wetsuits), wetsuit sailing booties (these sport-specific items can be purchased with help from the athletic department once boys arrive)
    • Rock Climbing: climbing harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, 2-liter water bottle (these sport-specific items can be purchased with help from the athletic department once boys arrive)
    • Mountain Biking: coach-approved mountain bike, helmet, long-finger glove, and under short pad (chamois)
  • Practices and team selections will begin as soon as the boys return to campus, so it is important to be prepared. We have provided some good pointers and exercises to help the boys be ready to jump right into the fall athletics season. 
  • Participation on some teams will incur additional costs. The ski team, snowboard team, some hockey teams, and the varsity cross-country, basketball, and lacrosse teams normally incur additional costs to cover items such as lift tickets, race/tournament fees, and overnight travel arrangements. We will provide more information as these trips are scheduled. 
  • In the fall, we expect to organize Sunday activity trips and/or Thursday club offerings for student-athletes wishing to participate in clinics or "pick-up" play for hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. However, as storage is limited we ask all students wishing to bring winter or spring equipment to campus during the fall to pack efficiently.
  • For hockey players, please note that the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association voted to make online registration required for all players and teams. Registration is fast and easy, and the covers the season for the upcoming year through August 31, 2023. Please visit and follow the prompts. Once your registration has been completed, please share a copy of the confirmation with Nancy Moye at

As the summer winds down, please take some time to view the fall athletic schedule. Games are often postponed, moved, rescheduled, or cancelled for a variety of reasons, so please refer the schedule often. Please also remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest scores, photos and game highlights. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Please encourage your son to get out and be as active as he can in preparation for fall tryouts and a quick start to the season. I look forward to meeting and/or reconnecting with you and your son again at the start of another great year!


Ryan E. Frost
Director of Athletics