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Students Perform in Spring Concert

Cardigan's Spring Concert

Walk into the Music Center any day of the week at almost any time of day and rhythms pour through the cracks in every room, seeping into the hallway and vibrating the walls. In one room a student plays the drums, working through a rock ‘n’ roll rhythm with accents on the cymbals and snare drum. In another room two boys on clarinets practice a classical piece, pausing to discuss their different parts. Walk down the hall and in yet another room, students experiment with bongos and chimes, working out the notes in a new piece of sheet music. And darting between the rooms, the tails of suit coat catching air behind him, is Director of Music Kevin Franco, his contagious energy fueling the students’ motivation. It’s all in preparation for the spring concert.

“Our program is flexible and organic,” says Director of Music Kevin Franco. “It’s a testament to the work ethic of our boys; every year they take on the challenges of learning new instruments and practicing songs that excite them, no matter how complicated the pieces may be.” 

Cardigan's Spring Concert

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The results are a clear win at the spring concert where variety and individual passions take center stage. One student plays a solo piano piece while a band of faculty and students make their debut as The Flaming Microwaves––a very Cardigan-appropriate name! A trio of friends performs a waltz while a grade-level class rocks a current hit. Some performances focus on fundamentals and reading the music in front of them, while others allow students to use their ears and learn to improvise. 

But no matter the size of the group or the style of music, everyone gets to perform. The spring concert gives all students an opportunity to share what they have learned and experience the excitement, and the responsibility, of playing in front of a live audience.

Watch the Spring Concert

The Program

We Will Rock You (1977) by Brian May 
Light Cavalry: Overture (c. 1866) by Franz von Suppe
Performed by the Cardigan Winds

Saint Anthony Chorale (1987) by Sandra Dackow, based upon music by Franz Joseph Haydn 
Defender of Time (2007) by Robert Grice 

Performed by the Cardigan Strings

Suite for Variety Orchestra, op. 74: VII. Waltz No. 2 (c. 1956) by Dmitri Shostakovich
Performed by Joonseong “Jake” Lim ’23, piano; Adrian Moon ’23, viola; Sungsan “John” Park ’23, clarinet

Aura Lea (c. 1861) text by William Fosdick and music by George R. Poulton
Performed by Cardigan Mountain School Choir

Notion (2016) by The Rare Occasions
Performed by 8 Green Y Music Class

Counting Stars (2012) by Ryan Tedder 
Performed by 8 White Z Music Class

Theme from “Castle in the Sky” (1986) by Joe Hisaishi 
Performed by Yuchen “Jerry” Sun ’24, oboe; Tiantong “Tong” Wang ’23, oboe; Chenyu “Jason” Chou ’23, French horn

Better in Stereo (2013) by Bardur Haberg and Oli Jogvansson
Performed by 9 Green Y Music Class

You’re Welcome (2016) by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Performed by 9 Green Z Music Class

Theme from the Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto (梁祝小提琴協奏曲) (1959) by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang 
Performed by Zhefu “Jeff” Lei ’22, piano

Heat Waves (2020) by David Bayley
Performed by 8 White X Music Class

I’m a Man (1966) by Steve Winwood and Jimmy Miller
Stepping Stone by Wayne Healy
(I Got Everything I Need) Almost by Don Walsh
Messin’ with the Kid (1960) by Mel London

Performed by the The Flaming Microwaves

Cardigan's Spring Concert

See more photos from Cardigan's 2022 Spring Concert


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