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Student Senate Works to Strengthen Our Community

Student Senate Pizza Dinner Discussion

As part of an on-going initiative to demonstrate our Core Values, Cardigan’s Student Senate recently organized two events, an All-School Meeting and grade-level pizza dinner, to explore and discuss the topic of respect. “The Student Senate wanted to bring the grades together to go over how to be respectful as an individual and as a community,” said Student Senate member Kaiyi "Kenny" Chen. “We tried to make different students talk about their own experiences about respect and disrespect in order to build a healthier community.” 

The All-School Meeting was led by students, and allowed our community to share examples of respect and disrespect. The impact humor can have on others, for example, should be strongly considered. “Sometimes a joke that you think is funny is disrespectful to somebody else,” said Kaiyi. “We often make a lot of jokes as teenagers. A lot of them are really funny to ourselves, but we never think about the impact those jokes have on other people.” The meeting concluded with a member of each dorm declaring how they could improve their own efforts in the community. 

Student Senate Pizza Discussion

After the meeting, each grade met separately to further the discussion in small groups, while enjoying a special pizza dinner made by our Dining Services Team. “The goal of the dinner was to help the community better understand the concept of respect and how to exhibit it around the campus,” said Student Senate member Chenqi "Lucas" Ding. “One idea that I heard a lot from other students is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Being respectful to others can often make others be respectful to you.”

Cardigan works hard to educate the whole boy, and it is important to encourage discussions on how to improve our relationships with each other, and how to grow as strong, respectful individuals. These are topics that are woven into our everyday life and curriculum at Cardigan.

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