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Verbatim staff

A few months ago, something new appeared on the tables in Cardigan Commons—a true student-run Cardigan newspaper. Titled Verbatim, the newspaper was the idea of Chenglin “Tony” He ’19. Tony says he was inspired to create the paper after noticing student newspapers at many of Cardigan’s peer schools.

Together with classmate Gianluca Audia ’19 and faculty member Ms. Patricia Kidder serving as advisor, the team has been working diligently to report on interesting stories each week, interview students, faculty, and staff, and to share current news and events.

This small editorial staff publishes a new issue of Verbatim every week during their free time—a precious commodity. The considerable time spent developing story ideas, researching, conducting interviews, taking photos, writing stories, and designing the paper’s layout is voluntary and outside of any class or club requirement. “It’s rewarding to see our hard work pay off when unique and underrecognized stories are highlighted,” says Tony about the amount of time invested in each issue. “Seeing our stories spark discussion across campus has made our work meaningful, and it gives us a sense of purpose.”

Since the first edition in February, the students increasingly look forward to each edition of Verbatim because it provides news from their point of view. The Verbatim team carefully considers what the student community is curious about and finds the answers to the questions on the minds of their Cardigan brothers. “I hope it has allowed our community to recognize certain people and consider certain issues,” says Tony about the content of the newspaper. “I hope it has made our community more aware and educated on the pulse of the campus.”

The team hopes that the newspaper will continue after Tony and Gianluca graduate this spring, and that other ambitious students are willing to keep the news coming. Great job Tony!

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