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Spring Play to Bring Laughs to Cardigan’s Stage

Rehearsing for the spring play

One of the world’s most famous explorers is coming to Cardigan’s stage, and he’s bringing a cave full of laughs with him. The Cardigan Mountain Players are rehearsing for their spring play, “Tune Kaboom in the Cave of Doom,” written by Willow McLaughlin. The play promises action and laughs at every turn in this comedy loosely modeled after the popular Indiana Jones movies.

Set inside a cave, this action-adventure spoof features acclaimed archaeologist Tune Kaboom who is leading an expedition to the notorious Cave of Doom. Tune gets paired with a motley crew of companions, and navigates his band of mis-adventurers through dark caverns home to a paranoid miner, hungry snake people, a yodeling dragon, dance-happy dwarves and the most terrifying of all — the Tooth Fairy! “The crew stumbles upon many creatures deep in the cave and has a lot of laughs while down there,” says Juno Cowans ’20, who plays the lead role of Tune in the production. “With plot twists and the rest, you'll be sure to enjoy this exciting Cardigan production!”

Rehearsing for the spring play

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Jeff Good, Cardigan’s theater arts teacher, is directing the production and the 36 Cardigan students in the cast. “This is the largest cast we’ve had in many years, and good thing, because we had a lot of interest from the students,” says Mr. Good. “It was great to see so many boys get excited about the challenge of putting on a play for their peers.”

The boys take to the stage for two performances. The first show is on May 16, 2019, and is open to the public. The second show takes place May 17, 2019, and is reserved for students, faculty, and staff. The curtain rises at 7:30 p.m. for both performances, so mark your calendars and get ready for laughs!

The list of “Tune Kaboom in the Cave of Doom” cast members includes:

  • Diego Escalante ’20
  • Jake Marcum ’22
  • Juno Cowans ’20
  • Zhonghe “Harry” Yuan ’19
  • Xufei “Figo” Wang ’20
  • Gerardo De Rueda Renero ’19
  • Alonso Moreno Cortina ’20
  • Leopold Dorilas ’19
  • Jack Marshard ’20
  • Yoon-gi “Mike” Lee ’20
  • Macsen Elkouh ’19
  • Michael Brannan ’20
  • Franklin Chow ’20
  • Qiangang “Sam” Wang ’20
  • Shijia “Mac” Wang ’21
  • Junzheng “Jerry” Wang ’19
  • Ryan Chiang ’19
  • Cao Hung Phan ’19
  • Zhijing “Jimmy” Wu ’19
  • Bill Ke ’20
  • Bochen “Victor” Zhu ’20
  • Estyn Elkouh ’22
  • Deegan Blasko ’20
  • Gabriel Brondel ’20
  •  Hudson Heinemann ’22
  • Christopher “Critty” Conroy ’19
  • William Sabat ’20
  • Tom Choi Wo Li ’20 
  • Kolapat “Pi” Mongkhonvanit ’20
  •  Diego Gonzalez Tabares ’19
  • Junkai “Tiger” Yang ’22
  • Evan Brondel ’22
  • Mateo Escalante ’22
  • Siyu “Anthony” Xin ’19
  • Jiayu “Kevin” Gu ’20
  • Hanzhe “Jason” Jiang ’20







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