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Spring Athletic Awards Honors a Successful Season

Spring Sports Awards

As the 2022-2023 school year draws to a close, we stopped this week to celebrate an outstanding spring athletic season. The boys made great progress in their skills and fitness, celebrating their chosen sport every day with commitment and hard work. 

The very last day of the season this year was marked by Eaglebrook Day, and the boys played with heart and focus to the end. The afternoon of competitions began with variable rain and ended with a drenching downpour, but that didn’t stop the Cougars. And if they weren’t out on the field fighting hard for a win over the Eagles, they were on the sidelines cheering on their brothers, raindrops dripping from their noses. As the coaches recalled in the recap of the varsity lacrosse game, “The support from the Cardigan Brotherhood was unbelievable, as they could be heard echoing out the Cardigan hymn and engulfing the team as they celebrated the win to end the season and the year of athletics.” It was a moment to remember at the end of a season well-played by all.

Spring Sports Awards

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Congratulations to all the Cougars and to the following young men who were recognized by their coaches and teammates for their sportsmanship and leadership.

Varsity Lacrosse

Speaker – Drew Hemenway ’23
Offensive MVP – Jaden Ficek ’23
Defensive MVP – Tucker Harris ’23
Dedication & Leadership – Griffin Cepiel ’23

JV Lacrosse

Speaker – Hank Backhoff ’24
Coaches’ Award – Eddie Andrews ’23
Coaches’ Award – Dylan Ness ’23
Best Teammate – Aidan Milone ’23

Thirds Lacrosse

Speaker – Will Gardner ’25
Coaches’ Award Offense – Devin Cokinos ’25
Coaches’ Award Defense – Griffin McClure ’24
Mr. Hustle Award – Ryan Sands ’25

Springs Sports Awards

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Fourths Lacrosse

Speaker – Fountain Whitaker ’23
Coaches’ Award – Santiago Veiga ’24
Coaches’ Award – Chun Cheung ’24
Coaches’ Award – Toshi Moriyama ’23

Reserve Lacrosse

Coaches’ Award and Speaker –  Joonki “Michael” Yoon ’24
Coaches’ Award – Conley Chen ’24
Coaches’ Award – Luis San Martin ’24
Coaches’ Award – Santiago Gonzalez ’24

Varsity Baseball

Speaker – George Kavanaugh ’23
MVP – Elliott Watson ’25
Coaches’ Award – Enrique Castillo ’23
Most Improved – Bode Murano ’23

JV Baseball

Speaker – John Liu ’23
Coaches’ Award – Cayden LeRoy ’26
Most Improved – Finn Donelan ’24

Spring Sports Awards

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Thirds Baseball

Speaker – Kai Mansharamani ’25
The Dustin Pedroia Most Improved Award – Daehwan Kim ’25
The Cal Ripken Jr. Coaches’ Award – Beomgeun “Thomas” Choi ’25 


Speaker – Grayson Jones ’23
Coaches’ Award – Patrick Kim ’23

Varsity Tennis

Speaker – Marcelo Galán ’24
MVP Award –  Amanuel Levine ’23
Coaches’ Award – Freeman Ambrose ’23

JV Tennis

Speaker – Kai Kinoshita ’23
Fast Feet Award – Sunghoon “Willy” Park ’23
Gentleman of Tennis Award – Artemio Zaragoza ’23
Golden Racquet Award – Kaiyang “Stephen” Chen ’23

Spring Sports Awards

See more photos of Cardigan's Spring Sports Awards

Thirds Tennis

Speaker – William Ruffa ’23
Coaches’ Award – Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko ’23
Coaches’ Award – Jaeseong “Nathan” Kim ’23
Push Up Award – Xinyuan “Clark” Hu ’23

Fourths Tennis

Speaker – Junyan “Joey” Huang ’24
MVP – Henry Timbrell ’25
Most Improved – Hanwen “Ares” Zhu ’25

Reserve Tennis

Speaker – Nazar Tatus ’24
Most Improved – Charlie Costello ’26
Most Improved – Souta Kidosaki ’24
Coaches’ Award – Mana Petrini ’25


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