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School Leaders for 2022-23 School Year Are Announced

Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

Before eighth graders shared their speeches in Chapel as part of the school leader application process, Director of Student Life Nick Nowak first acknowledged the leadership of the current school leader and assistant school leader. “What makes a school leader or an assistant school leader? What do they do on a day-to-day basis?” he asked. “From the time they wake up until the time they go to bed, you know who they are. And they have a lens on them, to lead by example, to both set the tone for the other student leaders on campus and also to represent what it means to be a Cardigan Mountain School boy, as a brother here. That can be a pretty heavy weight to carry on your shoulders, and I think that both Preston [Merrick] and Gus [Struck] have done a fantastic job during a really challenging year.”

As the selection of school leaders at Cardigan takes place throughout the spring, Preston and Gus are not the only ones who have the eyes of the community on them. Leadership itself is placed under a microscope for everyone in the community to consider and define. What does leadership look like on a day-to-day basis? Rising eighth graders who want to be leaders submit applications and seek faculty sponsors; the community votes on those candidates, evaluating their leadership potential and the degree to which they model the Core Values; and then the top six candidates make speeches to the whole community––all the while we consider the qualities of a strong leader and what it takes to serve Cardigan Mountain School. 

Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

See more photos from Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

It’s worth noting the direct impact students have on the selection process, both as voters and as candidates. Their perspectives and insights are more than superficial, especially the eighth graders who want to lead the school next year. In his speech as a candidate for school leader, Jaden Ficek ’23 shared, “Leaders are not the people around you who make sure you don’t fall; leaders are the ones who allow you to fall and are there for you to help you rise and stand sturdier for it.”

Drew Hemenway ’23 understands that leaders work to leave things better than the way they found them, and Willy Park ’23 believes in “genuine criticism that may grind you but will also make a beautiful statue.” Leaders, the students say, have the courage to stand up against their adversaries, as well as their friends, and work behind the scenes when no one else is looking. It requires authenticity, integrity, compassion, respect, and hard work.

Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

See more photos from Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

Nate Watson ’23, the last eighth grader to speak in the Student Leadership Assembly, reflected, “Some people see the all-school leader as a title, but I see it as a tool and I want to use it to help as many people as I can.” Ultimately, leadership at Cardigan is about service, and if the students’ speeches are any indication of their dedication to the School and to the community, we will all be in good hands for the 2022-23 school year. 

In a Thursday evening Investiture ceremony last week, the following students were announced as next year’s school leaders. We look forward to their service to the community.

School Leader
Nathan Watson

Assistant School Leader
Sunghoon “Willy” Park

Academics Assistant
Natakorn “Time” Tanglertsumphun
Injun “Andrew” Yu

Athletics Assistant
Maximus “Max” Romano

Banks Floor Leader
Zhimin “Jimmy” Li

Brewster I Floor Leader
Gyeongmin “Andy” Han

Brewster II Floor Leader
Donald “Eddie” Andrews

Chapel Leader
Yinuo “Carson” Chen
Darius Yarborough

Clark-Morgan Floor Leader
Freeman Ambrose

Dewar Floor Leader
Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko

Dining Room Head Steward
Alex Wang

Franklin Floor Leader
Adrian Moon

French I Floor Leader
Keunhoo Park

French II Floor Leader
Joonseong “Jake” Lim

Funnell Floor Leader
Sifei “Joe” Jia

Green Key Leader
Drew Hemenway
Fountain Whitaker

Greenwood Floor Leader
Daniel Blenk

Hayward I Floor Leader
Sungyun Kim

Hayward II Floor Leader
Dohyun “DK” Kim

Health Center Assistant
John McNair

Hinman I Floor Leader
Aaron You

Hinman II Floor Leader
Jaden Ficek

Kitchen Head
Joshua Kim

McCusker I Floor Leader
Enrique Rojas

McCusker II Floor Leader
Artemio Zaragoza

Student Activities Assistant
Junhyeong “Jun” An

See more photos from Cardigan's Investiture Ceremony

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