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Recognition Assembly Celebrates Successes of 2023-2024 School Year

Recognition Assembly

“If we were to celebrate all our achievements of this school year, we would be here an entire day because we have grown so much,” shared School Leader-Elect Tigger Tanglertsumphun ’25 at the opening of this year’s Recognition Assembly.

The 2023-2024 school year truly was a great year with many successes and much to celebrate. Some successes were witnessed by the whole community and celebrated with a ringing of the Clark-Morgan bell; others were more personal and acknowledged with a pat on the back or a subtle nod of the head. And sometimes, to outsiders, our achievement looked more like failures with lessons hard learned and earned. But together the collective successes of the community have made us all stronger and for that we can be grateful.

“For all that we have learned, I want to thank you, staff, faculty, and lastly students,” continued Tigger. “Thank you for making this year memorable. All of us have worked diligently in sports and persisted through our academic endeavors…We have faced some difficulties through the school year, and it is how we jump back that matters. The challenges we have faced this year have made us stronger; never forget them.”

Recognition Assembly

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The following students were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the community this year.

Dorm Citizenship Awards

Banks House: Michael Yoon ’24
Brewster Dorm I:  Adlai Nixon ’25
Brewster Dorm II: Marshall Paul ’25
Clark-Morgan Hall:  Sunjoon Lee ’25
Dewar House: Anson Li ’25
Franklin House: Langston Williams ’24
French Dorm I:Colton Boorda ’25
French Dorm II: Nazar Tatus ’24
Funnell House: Allen Liu ’25
Greenwood House: Federico Lujan Lalieu ’24
Hayward Dorm I: Daniel Rhee ’25
Hayward Dorm II: Thomas Tanglertsumphun ’27
Hinman Dorm I: Edgar Choi ’24
Hinman Dorm II: Jerry Sun ’24
McCusker Dorm I: Chun Cheung ’24
McCusker Dorm II: Charlie Kaplinski ’24

John Dudley Clark Community Service Award

Kai Uemura ’25

Art Awards

Lucas Jimenez Serrano ’26
Jaiden Lee ’25
Johnny Xu ’24

Additions to Cardigan’s Permanent Art Collection

Florence Duomo by Sungjoon Park ’25
Truman by Johnny Xu ’24

Drama Awards

Christopher Deoki ’25
Brad Kim ’24

Music Awards

Sunjoon Lee ’25
Jason Zhao ’24

Woodworking Golden Hammer Awards

Stevie Wales ’25
Nolan Hackett ’24

Edward Barney Writing Competition Award Winner

Will Ahn ’25

Addison Memorial Prize for Creative Writing

Chance Zhu ’24

James N. Marrion Sportsmanship Awards

Jackson Vikse ’27
Sosuke Imaizumi ’26
Colton Boorda ’25
Davis Jamison ’24

Scholastic Awards

Sixth Grade
Science: Thomas Tanglertsumphun
Math: Rex Huang
Humanities: Poon Promphan
PEAKS: Finn Lewis
Word Languages: Leo Tao

Seventh Grade
Humanities: Everett Lo
Science: Sampson Wu
Math: Andy Cho
ESL: Sosuke Imaizumi
PEAKS: Charlie Costello

Eighth Grade
English: Ryan Sands
Math: Cole Brown
History: Mana Petrini
Science: Branford Chen
World Languages: Cameron Blatz
ESL: Thomas Choi
PEAKS: Connor Sullivan

Ninth Grade
English: Alex Kernisant
Math: Jayden Oh
History: Jerry Sun
Science: Chance Zhu
World Languages: Langston Williams
PEAKS: Eetu Lindholm

Outstanding Underclassman Award

Tigger Tanglertsumphun ’25

Watch Cardigan’s 2024 Recognition Assembly

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