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New Members Inducted into Cardigan’s Chapter of NJHS

New Members Inducted into Cardigan’s Chapter of NJHS

Fostering an Environment for Service and Scholarship and a Home for Academic Development

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is based upon five pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. During this year’s induction of the new members of Cardigan’s chapter of the NJHS, the current ninth-grade members spoke about these pillars and what they have come to mean to them during the past year.


Junhyeong “Jun” An
The National Junior Honor Society offers a unique opportunity where members serve based on what we deem is most pressing for the Cardigan community to address beyond our school’s bubble. It is a collaborative process between the members of the NJHS to create events and activities at Cardigan to help support public fundraisers and organizations, especially concerning the issues in our world today…Being a part of the NJHS means that I am not only responsible for striving academically but also demonstrating the qualities of a leader here at Cardigan by taking early initiative and creating beneficial change. Furthermore, I have learned to become more selfless, understanding that what makes others enjoy their experience here is greater than myself. 


Yinuo “Carson” Chen
Being a member of this community has taught me to be inclusive and spread kindness around us. More and more members are joining each year, and I truly believe that our actions can make Cardigan an even better place…Leadership is always needed; thus, to lead is a meaningful and substantial charge of each member.

Cardigan's 2023 NJHS Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to our newest members of NJHS, one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition programs! See more photos


Sunghoon “Willy” Park
While racing alongside my fellow members of the NJHS and over 2,000 other participants in the Dartmouth HERO race, I realized that the little things I do matter and I can make a bigger change by doing what I enjoy. Looking back on my experiences with NJHS, I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to help the other fella both in and out of our community as well as to grow as a leader who has kept the promise to be an inclusive and selfless citizen of the community.


Joonseong “Jake” Lim
I learned that fundraising is not the sole purpose of our work. The NJHS strives to become the epitome of a community that portrays kindness and highlights consciousness of the world around us…To be a member means you aim to exceed expectations and set the standard for others in all areas of school life. This is especially true in the classroom, where scholarship is at the heart of a successful school community.


Artemio Zaragoza
We consistently need to put our best foot forward in the hopes of making change for others and creating a better tomorrow…Character is achieved and not received. It is a product of consistent thought and action. It is a daily pursuit of doing what is right.

Freeman Ambrose, another member of the ninth-grade class, then began the induction process. Congratulations to the following new eighth-grade members of the NJHS:

  • Donald “Eddie” Andrews
  • Yoonwoo “Dustin” Cho 
  • Gyeongmin “Andy” Han
  • Davis Jamison
  • YeChan “Leo” Kim
  • Terence Langetieg
  • Jichao “Lee” Li
  • Jack Pierretti
  • Yuchen “Jerry” Sun
The receiving line of Cardigan's 2023 NJHS Ceremony

The current and new members of Cardigan's NJHS Chapter after the ceremony. See more photos


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