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Helping Out in the Archives

Wim Hart working in the Archives


After retiring from teaching English, I wanted to stay involved with Cardigan, to keep “in the loop” as they say. Walking around campus, I stumbled upon Director of Archives and Special Projects Judith Solberg.

I thought that working with Ms. Solberg, if she wanted help, would be a great way for me to keep in contact with the School. Ms. Solberg said she could use some help, so I came in one day a week throughout the fall and winter. It was wonderful; I schmoozed in the teachers’ room during my tea break and got a free newspaper and lunch!

My job centers around putting hundreds of loose photos in particular folders, depending upon what facet of school they depict. One project involved putting portraits of boys in separate folders and adding the boys’ graduation years. I became very intimate with the Blaze, the school’s annual yearbook.

But some pictures are pre-Blaze and in others I wasn’t able to identify the subjects. It’s funny (strange) how I can remember the names of boys I dealt with in the 1970s and 1980s much more clearly than I do of those in this century.

I am asking the alumni to help me identify any of the boys’ photos found above. If you have any information, please contact Judith Solberg and me at or complete the form. Thank you!

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