Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Fall 2020 Leadership Update

Cardigan's Student Leaders

In order to prioritize the health and safety of our students and faculty, Cardigan has organized our 2020-21 residential program by grade. As a result, 2020-21 Senior Leadership has evolved with new additions and updated roles.

Anders Silitch - Hinman II Floor Leader

Beau Brissette - McCusker I Floor Leader

Brendan Powers - French I Floor Assistant

Brian Xi - Green Key Leader, Hinman I Floor Assistant

Cayden Van Dolah - French II Floor Leader

Christian Maro - Dewar Floor Leader

Conley Bohan - School Leader

Daniel Valenti - Clark-Morgan Floor Leader

Edward Stettinius - McCusker I Floor Assistant

Gabriel Quinn - Funnell Floor Leader

Gabriel Raphael - Brewster I Floor Assistant

Harrison Huang - Leader

Heesung "Daniel" Jung - Assistant School Leader

Jack Dec - Hayward I Floor Leader

Jack Roberts - Hayward II Floor Leader

Jaeseong "Arthur" Lee - Chapel Leader, Hayward II Floor Assistant

Jaeyoung "Jay" Hong - Student Activities Leader, McCusker II Floor Assistant

Jenson Smock - Banks Floor Leader

John Diemar - Hinman I Floor Leader

John Hennessey - Brewster II Floor Assistant

Kaixuan "Leo" Li - Leader

Ken Wong - Leader

Mark Anstiss - Franklin Floor Leader

Matthew Chow - Leader

Michael Liu - Leader

Miles Kim - Brewster I Floor Leader

Owen Tatro - French I Floor Leader/Athletics Assistant

Samuel Pfefferle - McCusker I Floor Leader

Shijia "Mac" Wang - Leader

Tedy O'Keefe - Brewster II Floor Leader

Wilson Knapp - Chapel Leader, Hayward I Floor Assistant

Zi "Damian" Zhu - Hinman II Floor Assistant, Health Center Assistant

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