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Cardigan’s Winter Sports Awards 2021

Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards 2021

Despite the lack of interscholastic competitions, the Cardigan Cougars persevered, focusing their efforts on building their skill sets and having fun. They pushed each other to excel and worked together to keep their spirits up, finishing the season stronger and wiser than they were in November. It isn’t always easy to work hard without the thrill and that comes with playing a rival school, but these student-athletes did just that, rising to the occasion and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow with their Cardigan Brothers.

Green Hockey

Coaches’ Award: Jack Roberts ’21
Coaches’ Award: Owen Tatro ’21
Coaches’ Award: Jack Diemar ’21
Coaches’ Award: Conley Bohan ’21
Coaches’ Award: Tedy O’Keefe ’21
Coaches’ Award: Danny Valenti ’21

White Hockey

Most Improved: James Morse ’22
Coaches’ Award: Estyn Elkouh ’22
Coaches’ Award: John Murphy ’22

Gray Hockey

Coaches’ Award: Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko ’23
Coaches’ Award: Yuheng “Oliver” Yuan ’22

Cardigan's 2021 Winter Term Sports Awards

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Green Basketball

Coaches’ Award: Heesung “Daniel” Jung ’21
Coaches’ Award: Preston Merrick ’22
Coaches’ Award: Connor Hennessey ’21
Coaches’ Award: Domineaq “Dom” Taylor ’22

White Basketball

Coaches’ Award: Junhyeong “Jake” Lee ’22
Coaches’ Award: Zoumana Ouattara ’22

Gray Basketball

Coaches’ Award: Alexis Santini ’23
Most Improved: Will Ruffa ’23

Black Basketball

Coaches’ Awards: Sunghoon “Willy” Park ’23
Coaches’ Awards: Eddie Andrews ’23
“Heart and Hustle” Award: Toshishiro “Toshi” Moriyama ’23

Cardigan's 2021 Winter Term Sports Awards

See more photos of Cardigan's 2021 Winter Term Sports Awards


Coaches’ Award: Jaeyoung “Jay” Hong ’21

Rec Skiing/Snowboarding

Coaches’ Award: Gustavo “Gus” Struck ’22
Most Improved: Keano Gianini ’24

Varsity Snowboarding

MVP: Zi “Damian” Zhu ’21

Alpine Skiing

Most Improved: Asher Frankel ’23
Coaches’ Award: Anders Silitch ’21
Coaches’ Award: Sebastien Madan ’21

Nordic Skiing

Coaches’ Award: Reaghan Moore ’22
Coaches’ Award: Yutong “Jacob” Zhao ’22

Cardigan's 2021 Winter Term Sports Awards

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