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Cardigan's Spring Play Questions the Future

Cardigan's Spring Play Questions the Future

“I like to think that theater is a great place to bring the community together,” Theater Director Jeff Good shared before the spring play. “But we also want to give you something to think on. The show we have today has to do with artificial intelligence, something I think you boys will encounter more and more and have to grapple with in the future.”

The Factory, written by Lindsay Price, is a fast-paced play with characters whose names span a variety of languages and define their roles for the duration of the play. explains, “The Factory runs like clockwork. The Time to Begin song always begins at 7 am. The official Greeting always takes place at 7:02. The Factory workers follow the rules and do their jobs to the letter. Why shouldn’t they? They are humanoid robots programmed to be efficient and follow the rules. Robots will always do their jobs better than real people. And rules are what make the Factory productive. Or do they? Rules come with red tape. And red tape can act like a wrench in the works.”

Cardigan's Spring Play

See more photos of Cardigan's performance of "The Factory"

The Cardigan thespians did a great job with this play, firing off their lines in quick succession and leaving us all questioning the benefits of rules and regulations. 


  • Hinshi (Japanese for “verge of death”): Zheng “Justin” Gong ’23
  • Kacho (a Japanese corporate title): Terry Langetieg ’24
  • Spis (Polish for “list”): Daniel Blenk ’23
  • Riziki (Swahili for “maintenance or livelihood”): Chun Cheung ’24
  • Zakazati (Russian for “schedule”): Kai Kinoshita ’23
  • Pravila (Croatian for “rules”): Kevin “Sefa” Petrini ’25
  • Kalkuli (Esperanto for “calculate”): Mana Petrini ’25
  • Terve (Swedish for “healthy”): Max Timbrell ’25
  • Oras (Lithuanian for “weather”): Charlie Costello ’26
  • Pedel (Danish for “janitor”): Christopher Deoki ’25
  • Dr. Zabluden (Bulgarian for “misguided”): Maksym Gerbut ’24
  • Doba (Czech for “time”): Reynaldo Ramos Salmon ’24
  • Miro (Spanish for “look”): Ethan Guerrier ’24
  • Jak (Slovak for “how”): Yucheng “Peter” Zhao ’24
  • Vad (Spanish for “what”): Yichen “Tony” Li ’24
  • Lag (Icelandic for “song”): Mykyta “Nikita” Gerbut ’25
  • Understudy 1: Junyan “Joey” Huang ’24
  • Understudy 2: Owen Yuan ’24
  • Understudy 3: Yuchen “Jerry” Sun ’24


  • Production Managers: Tymofii Pasenko ’24 and Nazar Tatus ’24
  • Stage Crew: Patrick Kim ’23, Semin “Jayden” Oh ’23, Keunhoo Park ’23, and Kai Uemura ’25
  • Front of House Manager: YeChan “Leo” Kim ’24
  • Sound FX: Samuel Hunt ’26
  • Lighting FX: James Frost ’25
  • Set Crew: Kai Kinoshita ’23, Casey Blatz ’23, Semin “Jayden” Oh ’23, Shujun “Jayden” Wang ’26, and Jack Pieretti ’24

Production Team

  • Set Construction: Mr. John Burritt
  • Costumes and Makeup: Ms. Kyla Joslin
  • Assistant Director: Mr. Dan Perricone
  • Director: Mr. Jeff Good
Cardigan's Spring Play

See more photos of Cardigan's performance of "The Factory"

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