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Cardigan’s Fall Sports Awards 2021

Fall 2021 Sports Awards

With 14 teams to choose from and over 30 coaches helping them to advance their skills, Cardigan’s student-athletes have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate. Together they played 43 games and competed in 16 races. That’s a lot of sprints, kicks, jumps, catches, tackles, tacking and jibing, and belaying!

Before students departed for Thanksgiving break, the community gathered to celebrate the boys’ successful season during the Fall Sports Awards Ceremony. And while the goals scored and races won are exciting and worthy of recognition, it’s the little moments, the ones that sometimes even happen off the field, that have a lasting impact: staying late to help coaches put away equipment, supporting a teammate whose race might not have gone so well, rallying teammates when the other team is winning, encouraging a teammate to push his limits just a little longer. These are the moments that turn a good athlete into an outstanding teammate and brother.

Cardigan's Fall 2021 Sports Awards

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Below are the athletes who were honored, not just for their athletic ability but for their sportsmanship and integrity as well.

Varsity Football

Coaches’ Award: Yejoon “Leo” Sim ’22
Coaches’ Award: Hudson Deck ’22
Players’ Award: Drew Hemenway ’23
Speaker: Yejoon “Leo” Sim ’22

JV Football

Coaches Award: Terry Langetieg ’24
Courage and Integrity Award: Zhimin “Jimmy” Li ’23
Be Somebody Award: Sungsan “John” Park ’23
Speaker: Conor Fox ’24

Varsity Soccer

Coaches’ Award: Diego Belden de la Vega ’22
Coaches’ Award: Gustavo Struck ’22
Coaches’ Award: Adrian Moon ’23
Speaker: Dohyun “DK” Kim ’23

JV Soccer

Most Improved: Jaden Ficek ’23
Unsung Hero: Pablo Gonzalez Rodriguez ’23
Coaches’ Award: Juan Salazar ’23
Speaker:  Layton Glover ’22

Cardigan's Fall 2021 Sports Awards

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Thirds Soccer

Most Improved Player: Junyan “Joey” Huang ’24
Most Improved Player: Keunhoo “Connor” Park ’23
Heart and Soul Award: Iñigo Arsuaga de Haro ’22
Speaker: Jason Jung Lee ’22

Fourths Soccer

MVP: Yoonwoo “Dustin” Cho ’24
Heart and Hustle Award: Jordan Pham ’23
Speaker: Joonseong “Jake” Lim ’23

Varsity Cross Country

Coaches’ Award: Nathan Watson ’23
Coaches’ Award: Mateo Escalante ’22
Coaches’ Award: John Murphy ’22
Speaker: John Murphy ’22

JV Cross Country

Positive Attitude Award: Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko ’23
Grit Award: Sifei “Joe” Jia '22
Grit Award: Zhefu “Jeff” Lei ’22
Speaker: Ian McDonnell ’22

Varsity Mountain Biking

Coaches’ Award (MVP): Jackson Davies ’22
Coaches’ Award: Asher Frankel ’23
Speaker: Teo Ryder ’22

Cardigan's Fall 2021 Sports Awards

See more photos of Cardigan's Fall 2021 Sports Awards

JV Mountain Biking

Golden Hub: Aiden Doyle ’22
It’s My Day: Alejandro Rojas Velasco ’22
Most Improved: Huijing “Michael” Zhang ’22
Speaker: Alejandro Rojas Velasco ’22

Thirds Mountain Biking

Coaches’ Award: Zeze Probstein ’22
Sportsmanship Award: Guillermo Zaragoza ’24
Most Improved: Keano Gianini ’24

Reserve Mountain Biking

Coaches’ Award: Sanders Morris ’22
Most Improved: Juan Alphonso de la Puente ’23

Rock Climbing

Golden Carabiner Award: Siyuan “Peter” Feng ’23
Speaker: Adlai Nixon ’25


Heart of the Sea Award: Yichen “Tony” Li ’24
Heart of the Sea Award: Shiyang “Leo” Xi ’24
Speaker: Patrick Kim ’23

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