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Cardigan's 2022 Underclassmen Recognition

Underclassmen Recognition

A few hours after the boys celebrated the last class of the 2021-22 school year, all students and faculty gathered for Cardigan’s annual Underclassmen Recognition Assembly. Held under the same tent that would be used for Cardigan’s 76th Commencement a few days later, the assembly recognized the achievements of our sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders as students, as athletes, and as campus citizens.

Dean of Academics Jamie Welsh opened the assembly, remarking that the 2021-22 academic year was a year unlike any other.

“This was a year in which we have been tested time and again to overcome unforeseen obstacles, to creatively handle new circumstances, and retain the essential elements of the Cardigan experience. To close this year together is a testament to this community's resolve, courage, and willingness to never back down from that relentless challenge.”

Underclassmen Recognition

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Mr. Welsh then invited School Leader-Elect Nate Watson ’23 to the podium. Nate began by sharing the collective pride in this year’s group of Ninth Graders as they prepare to move on, but then pivoted to the moments the underclassmen have shared in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in the dormitories:

“During all of these experiences both on and off campus, we learned about ourselves and each other. We learned how to work hard, try our best, help each other out, and incorporate the Core Values into our lives.”

Head of School Christopher D. Day P’12,’13 began his closing remarks by congratulating all of the students on a “truly remarkable year.” He continued by reflecting on the challenges of another pandemic year and the ways the Cardigan boys rose to meet them:

“Cardigan prides itself on meeting boys where they are and taking them as far as they can go—this is as evident in the academic and intellectual realm as it is in the artistic, athletic, and community areas of your growth. This year we had to zig and zag with short notice—changing the daily schedule and calendar with little warning or time to prepare. I’m proud of everyone’s flexibility and willingness to ‘go with the flow’, even when sometimes we felt like we were fighting our way upstream.”
Congratulations to our students for another year of hard work!

Underclassmen Recognition

See more photos from Cardigan's 2022 Underclassmen Recognition Assembly​​​

Dorm Citizenship Awards

Brewster II - David Solorzano
Dewar - Zeyu “Engel” Zhang
French I - Keunhoo “Connor” Park
French II - Yuchen “Jerry” Sun
Hinman II - Koon Hang “Michael” Hui

John Dudley Clark Community Service Award

Sungyun Kim

Art Award

8th Grade: Sunghoon “Willy” Park
7th Grade: YeChan “Leo” Kim

Underclassmen Recognition

See more photos from Cardigan's 2022 Underclassmen Recognition Assembly

Drama Award

Fountain Whitaker ’23

Music Award

Yinuo “Carson” Chen ’23

Woodworking Award

Artemio Zaragosa ’23

Edward Barney Creative Writing Award

Dohyun “DK” Kim ’23

James N. Marrion Sportsmanship Awards

8th Grade: Nathan Watson
7th Grade: Julian Santini
6th Grade: Vuttipat “Tigger” Tanglertsumphun

Underclassmen Recognition

See more photos from Cardigan's 2022 Underclassmen Recognition Assembly

Scholastic Recognition

6th Grade
Science: Cole Brown
Math: Kai Mansharamani
Humanities: Dekun “Benson” Lu
PEAKS: Vuttipat “Tigger” Tanglertsumphun

7th Grade
Humanities: Ramsay Madan
Science: Finn Donelan
Math: Yoonwoo “Dustin” Cho
World Language: Terry Langetieg
ESL: Dexiang “Johnny” Xu
PEAKS: Romeo N’kumbu

8th Grade
English: Jaden Ficek
Math: Gyeongmin “Andy” Han
History: Eddie Andrews
Science: Joonseong “Jake” Lim
World Language: Sifei “Joe” Jia
ESL: Toshishiro Moriyama
PEAKS: Yuehan “John” Liu

Underclassmen Recognition


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