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Cardigan’s 2022-23 Winter Sports Awards

Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards

Back in March, a winter storm caused Cardigan to postpone our traditional Winter Athletic Assembly. On May 5, we were finally able to come together and celebrate the memorable moments from the winter season and the many student-athletes that demonstrated heart, hustle, improvement, and leadership on their teams. Congratulations to all the boys and coaches for such a wonderful season!

Varsity Hockey

Speaker - Davis Jamison ’24
Defensive MVP - Nathan Watson ’23
Offensive MVP - Tucker Harris ’23
Heart and Hustle - Griffin Cepiel ’23    

JV Hockey

Speaker - Harrison Ooten ’23
Most Improved Player - Hamilton Day ’24
Coaches’ Award/Best Teammate - Devin Cokinos ’25
Most Valuable Player - Kanata Mori ’25

Thirds Hockey

Speaker - Ethan Ellis ’24
Coaches’ Award - Enrique Castillo ’23
Coaches’ Award - Jordan Pham ’23
Most Improved - Shaun Flynn ’25

Reserve Hockey

Speaker - Annabi Diallo ’24
Coaches’ Award - Daniel Blenk ’23
Coaches’ Award - Yuchen “Jerry” Sun ’24
Coaches’ Award - Zac Petrini ’26

Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards

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Varsity Basketball

Speaker - Alexis Santini ’23
Heart and Hustle - Kaiyang “Stephen” Chen ’23
Most Improved Player - Eddie Andrews ’23
Coaches’ Award - Mikey Mitchell ’24    

JV Basketball

Speaker - Dexiang “Johnny” Xu ’24
MVP - Yucheng “Peter” Zhao ’24    
Most Improved - Junyan “Joey” Huang ’24
Heart and Hustle - Injun “Andrew” Yu ’25

Thirds Basketball

Speaker - Bohan “Bobby” Jiang ’23
MVP - Sean Kwon ’24
Most Improved Player - Jaeseong “Nathan” Kim ’23    

Reserve Basketball

Speaker - Enjie “Kevin” Yang ’26
Coaches’ Award - Griffin McClure ’24
Most Improved Award - Brady Drury ’25 
Heart and Hustle Award - Chengtian “Wilson” Yu ’25

Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards

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Speaker - Chun Cheung ’24     
Coaches’ Award - Ben Ogarrio ’23
Coaches’ Award - Hogeun “Daniel” Rhee ’25
“Chop Wood, Carry Water” - Terry Langetieg ’24

Recreational Skiing & Snowboarding

Speaker - Marcelo Galan ’24

Varsity Snowboarding

Speaker - Alex Wang ’23
Coaches’ Award/MVP - Carlos Mayer Alverde ’24

Alpine Skiing

Speaker - Bode Murano ’23
King of the Mountain - Cameron Blatz ’25
Lifetime Award - Asher Frankel ’23
Comeback Kid - Brandon Hennessey ’23

JV Alpine Skiing

Speaker - Hank Backhoff ’25
Coaches’ Award - Griffin Jones ’25    

Nordic Skiing

Speaker - Bingrui “Jason” Zhao ’24 
Coaches’ Award - Patrick Kim ’23
Coaches’ Award - Yichen “Tony” Li ’24
Most Improved - Chance Jai Zhu ’24

Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards

See more photos from Cardigan's Winter Sports Awards


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