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Cardigan Celebrates Music at the Spring Concert

Cardigan's Spring Concert

It's hard to believe the academic year is almost over and soon Cardigan's students will be headed home for the summer. But before they do, they spent one last night sharing their hard work and creative skills during a celebration of music in Humann Theater. This spring's concert featured a wide range of music, including numbers by Taylor Swift and AC/DC to Louis Armstrong and Gustav Holst, and it was played on instruments from the ukulele to the euphonium. From trumpet solos to class performances, from the debut appearance of The Nebulas to the classic style of The Friday Night Players, there's a little something for everyone in this final performance of the year!

Concert Program

The Cardigan Quartet
Old English March on the Hymn, “Saint Gertrude” by Gustav Holst
The Carnival of the Animals, R. 125: XIII. The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens
Impromptu Galop from “L’elisir d’amore” by Mikhail Glinka
Performed by: Estyn Elkouh ’22, first violin; Seongheon “Harold” Kim ’21, viola; Gustavo Struck ’22, second violin

Cardigan's Spring Concert

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8 Green Z Music Class
Mrs. Perricone, accompanist
“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Michael Stock, Matthew Aitken, Peter Waterman
Performed by: Jaeson Cabrera ’22, claves; Hexiang “Jeff” Cheng ’22, drums; Nicolas Flores ’22, bass; Max Garland ’22, congas; Spencer Hutchinson ’22, keyboard; Beau McArthur ’22, drums; Sanders Morris ’22, vocals; Alejandro Rojas Velasco ’22, triangle; Teo Ryder ’22, bass guitar; Parker Saunders ’22, vocals; Michael “Gus” Shea ’22, vocals

8 White Z Music Class
Mrs. Perricone, accompanist
“Back in Black” by Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young
Performed by: Grady Allison ’22, glockenspiel; Inigo Arsuaga de Haro ’22, triangle; Andrew Buchler ’22, claves; James Faucher ’22, drums; Ho Seok “Ryan” Ham ’22, bongos; Preston Merrick ’22, bass guitar; James Morse ’22, congas; Treva Murphy ’22, tenor saxophone; Landon Paul ’22, congas; Mitchell Peurach ’22, vocals; Madison Tian ’22, hand chimes; Engel Zhang ’22, hand chimes

Cardigan's Spring Concert

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Joonseong “Jake” Lim ’23, piano
“Summer” from the Motion Picture, “Kikujiro” by Joe Hisaishi

8 Green W Music Class
Mrs. Perricone, accompanist
“Africa” by David Paich, Jeffrey Porcaro
Performed by: Landon Beattie ’22, hand chimes; Robert Burns ’22, glockenspiel; Eammon Daniels ’22, triangle; Solmon Kim ’22, clarinet; Christopher Kinne ’22, claves; Sanggyu “Jayden” Lee ’22, cello; Zhefu “Jeff” Lei ’22, trombone

Yuheng “Oliver” Yuan ’22, trumpet
“La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf as performed by Louis Armstrong

The Friday Night Players
“Way Down” by John Sheldon
“Wild Night” by Van Morrison
Performed by: Mr. Burritt, guitar and vocals; Carter Davis ’22, ukulele; Estyn Elkouh ’22, electric violin; Layton Glover ’22, keyboard;
Ian McDonnell ’22, ukulele; Reaghan Moore ’22, vocals

Cardigan's Spring Concert

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Estyn Elkouh ’22, electric violin
Mr. Burritt, guitar
“Broadway Hotel” by Al Stewart

Estyn Elkouh ’22, euphonium
“Andante and Allegro” by Robert Clerisse

9 White X Music Class
“Love Story” by Taylor Swift
Performed by: Beau Brissette ’21, vocals; Matthew Jung ’21, hand chimes; Miles Kim ’21, vocals; Seongheon “Harold” Kim ’21, viola; Wilson Knapp ’21, hand chimes; Samuel Pfefferle ’21, vocals; Gabriel Raphael ’21, vocals; Anders Silitch ’21, hand chimes; Brian Xi ’21, keyboard

The Nebulas
“Everglow” by Chris Martin 
Performed by: Layton Glover ’22, drums; Delin “Michael” Liu ’21, vocals; Jiachi “Sean” Wang ’21, bass guitar; Yutong “Jacob” Zhao ’22, piano

Cardigan's Spring Concert

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