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Cardigan Actors Perform Classic Radio Superhero Show

Cardigan's Fall Play

“Before there was CMSTV, there was radio,” began Theater Director Jeff Good on opening night. “I’m not talking about your podcasts or audio apps or Spotify. Back in the 1930s and 40s a family was lucky to have one radio that the family gathered around to listen to news and entertainment. Thousands and thousands of scripts were written at that time for those shows. Flash-forward to today and creative minds wondered what they could do with all those scripts; it was the birth of a new genre called the radio play.”

This fall Cardigan’s thespians, under the direction of Mr. Good, decided to try out one of these new plays, and the result was an exceptional success. Arctic Adventures Theatre: The Case of the Crazed Crashers by Matthew Webster is a classic radio superhero show with characters named Zippy the Wonder Penguin and his sidekick puffin Scooter, as well as the evil polar bear Rokovan. 

Cardigan's Fall Play

Scenes from Cardigan's fall play Arctic Adventures Theatre: The Case of the Crazed Crashers by Matthew Webster. See more photos

What makes this play unique is its backdrop: a radio studio where the actors walk up to the mic to play their parts and then return to chess and card games at the back of the stage between their scenes. The play even contains radio ads—promoting the healthy benefits of fish snacks—and a stage manager who makes the off-stage actors clap and cheer for their on-stage compatriots. In the style of a traditional radio show, the actors are overly expressive and deliver lines like, “I don’t know about you, but I’m more nervous than a snowy goose in a pillow factory.”

From start to finish, this play is filled with fun and light-hearted twists and turns. The Cardigan boys were phenomenal and deserve a round of applause for their hard work.


  • Announcer: Brad Kim ’24
  • Advertiser: Christopher Deoki ’25
  • Zippy: Annabi Diallo ’24
  • Scooter: Ethan Guerrier ’24
  • Rakovan: Owen Yuan ’24
  • Whiskers: Richard “Talmadge” Treadwell ’24
  • Fang: Terry Langetieg ’24
  • Colonel Lemming: Chun Cheung ’24
  • President Lepus: Kyle Chu ’24
  • Alphonso: Kai Uemura ’25
  • Florist 1: Mana Petrini ’25
  • Florist 2: Yichen “Tony” Li ’24
  • Kid 1: Fanyu “Hubrey” Pu ’24
  • Kid 2: Yuchen “Jerry” Sun ’24
  • Mom: Junyan “Joey” Huang ’24
  • Advertiser 2: Salvador Onate Iberri ’24
  • Adventure Kid 1: Alejo Bay Jimenez ’24
  • Adventure Kid 2: Pablo del Mazo Puente ’24
  • Teacher: Yucheng “Peter” Zhao ’24
  • Terry: Mercer Amling ’25
  • Jerri: Charlie Kaplinski ’24
  • Stage Manager: Junhwan “Jayden” Oh ’24


  • Stage Manager: Maksym “Max” Gerbut  ’24
  • Front of House Manager: YeChan “Leo” Kim ’24
  • Stage Crew: Linden Beal ’25 and Shuailan “Jason” Xie ’25
  • Technical Crew: George “Quinn” Schwab ’25 and Ethan Ellis ’24
  • Lighting Program: James Frost ’25
  • Sound FX/Music: Sam Hunt ’26
  • Set Design: Set Design Club (Yimeng “Sam” Jiao ’26, Yichen “Tony” Li ’24, Peter Norby ’25, Allen Liu ’25, Kwong “Rayson” Yui Li ’26)

Production Staff

  • Production Assistant: Mr. Devellis
  • Costumes and Makeup: Ms. Joslin
  • Set Design and Construction: Mr. Burritt
  • Assistant Director and Technical Director: Mr. Perricone
  • Director: Mr. Good
Cast and Crew of Cardigan's Fall Play

The cast and crew of Cardigan's fall play Arctic Adventures Theatre: The Case of the Crazed Crashers by Matthew Webster. See more photos


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