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Baccalaureate Sets Tone for Commencement Week


Assembly Recognizes Leadership in Our Community

The first event of Commencement week was the annual Baccalaureate and Ninth-Grade Recognition Assembly, held under the tent on Tuesday afternoon, May 21, 2019. The graduating ninth-graders were presented with awards for leadership in a number of areas, including dorm citizenship, sportsmanship, the arts, writing skills, and specific academic subjects.

Director of Student Life Nick Nowak initiated the program by welcoming the community and describing the purpose of Baccalaureate. “This assembly not only provides a time to prepare for the farewells to come,” said Mr. Nowak, “but also to celebrate the good work that happens each day on The Point.”

Watch a video of the 2019 Baccalaureate and Ninth-Grade Recognition Assembly:

History Department Chair Corey Lawson, who will be departing Cardigan after eight years, was the featured speaker and set the tone for the assembly. He shared many pieces of wisdom and advice with the graduating seniors, including the importance of a firm handshake and good eye contact, listening to other people’s ideas, viewing daily struggles as opportunities to improve and grow, and remembering the value of kindness.

“It costs nothing to be kind. We have all felt the urge to say something mean-spirited or rude in a moment of frustration, but what does it accomplish? People don’t always remember what you have taught them, but they usually remember how you made them feel. Nobody is perfect, but try your hardest to never make someone feel as if they are less than [perfect].”Corey Lawson

Congratulations to all of our seniors for their hard work they have demonstrated in all of their years at Cardigan!


📷 See more photos from the 2019 Baccalaureate and Ninth-Grade Recognition Assembly

Dorm Citizenship Awards

Leopold Dorilas, Brewster I
Zhijing “Jimmy” Wu, Brewster II
Jeronimo Del Valle Alvarado, Clark-Morgan
Ben King, Franklin
Isaac Abbott, Funnell
Matias “Mati” Peña Ireta, Hinman I
Jose “Tony” Carrandi, McCusker I
Junyoung Bak, McCusker II

Art Award

Qilin “Tom” Zhang

Music Award

Jack Armstrong

Woodworking Award (The “Golden Hammer”)

Sam Harris

Drama Award

Junzheng “Jerry” Wang

James N. Marrion Sportsmanship Award

Isaac Abbott

Edward A. Barney Written Expression Prize

Junyoung Bak

Addison Memorial Prize for Creative Writing

Chenglin “Tony” He

Scholastic Awards

Jose “Tony” Carrandi, English
Ryan Chiang, Math
Jeronimo Del Valle Alvarado, History
Chenglin “Tony” He, Science
Hong “Tre” Ahn, World Languages
Santiago “Santi” Concha Alvarez, ESL
Gerardo De Rueda Renero, PEAKS

Outstanding Underclassman Award

Bryce Terry

Faculty and staff recognition

📷 See more photos from the 2019 Baccalaureate and Ninth-Grade Recognition Assembly

Faculty and Staff Recognition

Our graduating seniors were not the only members of our community to be honored. The faculty and staff members below reached fifteen years of service to Cardigan, and were invited on stage and presented with a Cardigan Mountain School chair during the assembly.

15 Years

Allan Dunham, Athletics Department
Jessica Bayreuther P'09,'15,'17, Admissions Department
John Bayreuther P'09,'15,'17, Admissions Department

Yearbook Dedication

Every year, the graduating class dedicates The Blaze to a faculty member.

Michael Jangro ’05, Math Department Faculty

Lastly, the community took a moment to thank our members that will be leaving at the end of the year and reflect on their service to the School.

Up to Five Years

Dillon Estridge
Taisa Haluszka
Jeff Trotsky
Anthony Figueiredo
Devon Rinkin
Ben Bartoldus

Six Years

Joseph Doherty

Eight Years

Corey Lawson


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