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Baccalaureate and Ninth Grade Recognition: An Assembly for Celebration and Gratitude

Baccalaureate and Ninth Grade Recognition

For the past year, Cardigan’s ninth graders have lived together, played together, and learned together––often acting as one, as a unified class intent on lifting up those around them and building this community. Baccalaureate and the Ninth Grade Recognition Ceremony was the first of many events in the next week that will honor and celebrate this group––their service, their scholarship, their hard work, and their dedication.

Baccalaureate speaker and Dean of Students Meg Lloyd focused on this transition time. As they prepare to leave Cardigan and begin their academic careers at new schools, Ms. Lloyd said she hopes they will look back with fondness. “It is my hope that as you move through this week and next, that you will take time to reflect on the connections that you have made here, those that are a part of your foundation, those that build you up when you feel like you may crumble.  It is my hope that as you walk this path for the last days of your time here, with these irreplaceable friends, you will think about the times that you have had with one another.” 

Baccalaureate and Ninth Grade Recognition

We celebrated and honored the successes and contributions of Cardigan's Class of 2022. See more photos

And for those who are uncertain about the future, Ms. Lloyd reminded them of all they have built while at Cardigan: “As you begin to leave Cardigan, you may feel like your path is clear, you may feel your path is full of obstacles, or you may not even be sure you have a path at all. What you do have is the strength of the brotherhood and the family that is standing along the path you are currently walking. You have laid a foundation here at Cardigan that will support you as you move forward.”

That foundation, the one which the ninth graders have laid for themselves and will serve them well as they depart campus, directly impacts Cardigan as well, contributing to the School’s 76-year legacy of community and care for one another. For this reason, these awards were not only an acknowledgement of their hard work and individual growth but also an expression of gratitude for their contributions to Cardigan Mountain School. The following students have helped build the Cardigan community, have put others first, and have led with service. And for that we are thankful.

Watch the Baccalaureate and the Ninth Grade Recognition Ceremony

Dorm Citizenship Award Winners

Banks: Robert Burns
Brewster I: Ethan Roy
Clark-Morgan: Treva Murphy
Dewar: Zeyu “Engel” Zhang 
Franklin: Mitchell Peurach
Funnell: Su “Jack” Lin
Greenwood: Timo “Madison” Tian
Hayward I: Mateo Escalante
Hayward II: Sechang “Jason” Mah
Hinman I: Jason Jung Lee
McCusker I: Liam Murphy
McCusker II: Layton Glover

Art Award

Binxiu “Sean” Qin

Music Award

Jason Jung Lee

Golden Hammer Award

Zeze Probstein

Drama Award

Mateo Escalante

James N. Marrion Sportsmanship Award

Treva Murphy

Addison Memorial Prize for Writing

Mateo Escalante

Scholastic Recognition Awards

English: Hanzhi “Kevin” Kang
Math: Ian McDonnell
History: Rodrigo Carrandi Garza
Science: Treva Murphy
World Languages: Hudson Deck
ESL: Iñigo Arsuaga de Haro
PEAKS: Sanders Morris

Outstanding Underclassman Award

Nathan Watson

Faculty and Staff Recognition

Our graduating seniors were not the only members of our community to be honored. The faculty and staff members below reached fifteen years of service to Cardigan and were presented with Cardigan Mountain School chairs during the assembly.

15 Years

Chip Audett P’16
Ryan Frost P’25

Yearbook Dedication

Every year, the Blaze Dedication recognizes a faculty member who has devoted a tremendous amount of time and hard work to the growth and happiness of the boys at Cardigan Mountain School. It honors a faculty member who is believed to have shown exemplary dedication and involvement in our community, and the graduating students select the recipient. This year’s recipient is Jarrod Caprow. Assistant School Leader Gustavo Struck ’22 shared: “Over his time at Cardigan Mr. Caprow has coached, led and developed the PEAKS Department, taught, and generally helped all of us by doing countless seen and unseen tasks; rarely, if ever, has he said no. His willingness to help is unmatched and his efforts to support learning at Cardigan are something that we all look up to.”

Baccalaureate and Ninth Grade Recognition

See more photos from Cardigan's 2022 Baccalaureate and Recognition Assembly

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