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Athletes of the Week for October 31, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Landon Paul ’22 and Emilio Rojas Velasco ’24 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated. Learn more about Athletics at Cardigan Mountain School.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Landon Paul ’22 - Varsity Soccer

Landon has played the majority of the season as a striker, using his speed and athleticism to lead the team in scoring and provide inspiration to his teammates. He used this past summer to improve his play, electing to train with a local club team in Canada. This has paid off, as he is not just a fast-paced player, but a highly skilled forward as well. He has a very strong and accurate shot and is indefatigable as a player. He plays each game to the last whistle, never giving up or giving in. Landon was elected as co-captain for his quiet strength and skilled play, and he leads the team in total points. 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week 

Emilio Rojas Velasco ’24 - Thirds Mountain Biking 

Emilio comes to practice everyday with a great attitude. He challenges himself on every ride, and he has shown great resilience throughout the season. The coaches and team can always count on him to put in his maximum effort at practice. Emilio has improved tremendously this season as result of his great work ethic and grit as a rider.

Cardigan's Thirds Soccer Team

Cardigan's Thirds Soccer Team vs. Woodstock Union Middle School. See more photos

Other Varsity Nominations

Channing Rice ’24 - Varsity Cross Country
Channing set another personal record today on the technical and hilly course at Vermont Academy. If you haven’t seen him race, it’s a must-see. Not only does he make running look easy, but his obvious joy makes you want to lace up your shoes and hit the trails. Watching this seventh grader zoom past high school runners is just the icing on the cake. He is consistently among our top four scoring runners and has helped bring our team some recent victories. Channing is always ready to play, and we are so lucky to have him on our team!

Asher Frankel ’23 - Varsity Mountain Biking

Asher persevered after feeling frustration with his results one week ago at the Vermont Academy enduro. He practiced with extra energy and asked the coaches if he could enter the NNEMTB event at Kimball Union Academy, held on the first day of the fall long weekend. Not only did Asher race, but he won the holeshot at the start, led after one lap, and finished first in the B race!

Drew Hemenway ’23 - Varsity Football 

Drew continues to be one of the team’s hardest hitting linemen. He is one of the first players on the field at the start of every practice and puts 100% effort into every drill and every block. He is well respected by his teammates and opponents. He is willing to do any job asked of the team and is always looking to improve. Great work, Drew!

Cardigan's Rock Climbing Team

Cardigan's Rock Climbing Team at at Rumney Cliffs. See more photos

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Jingkun “Alex” Chen ’24 - JV Cross Country

This past Wednesday Alex stepped it up to run with the varsity team at Vermont Academy, where he ran a personal record of 28:20, placing him 32nd overall. This was his first 5k race and it was a hilly one at that. We are so proud of his bravery and perseverance throughout the season and look forward to his future accomplishments. 

Fountain Whitaker ’23 - JV Mountain Biking 

Fountain has been a great addition to our program this year. He is the guy on the team who always wants to take another lap and pedal faster than his competitor, but he also always offers to help.

David Solorzano Valdes ’23 - JV Soccer

The JV Soccer Team continued its unbeaten streak with ties against two strong teams this week. David scored the only goal for Cardigan in either game when he notched his sixth tally of the season in the Cougars 1-1 tie with Hebron Academy of Maine. Although Cardigan struggled to find good shots against Hanover in a 0-0 game, David nearly netted the game winner with a rocket of a shot in the final minute that threaded its way through multiple (large) defenders before veering just wide. He has been a constant offensive force all season long. Best of all, David always plays with a smile.

Siyuan “Peter” Feng ’23 - Rock Climbing

Peter has had a good week of climbing. He completed several challenging problems in the Cougar Cave and climbed well outside at Rumney on Wednesday. He has been positive, resilient, and persistent. Well done, Peter!

JV Football vs. Mascoma

Cardigan's JV Football Team vs. Mascoma. See more photos

Joshua Kim ’23 - JV Football 

Josh completed a goal-line tackle to preserve a tie late in the game this week. Plus he has shown a lot of hard work over the last two weeks in practice.
Yichen “Tony” Li ’24 and Shiyang “Leo” Xi ’24 - Sailing 

This dynamic duo has grown leaps and bounds this season––from being new to sailing to winning almost every race we have had. Most recently, they won the Family Weekend Exhibition in the A group (two people per boat class). It was a close race, and the boys were constantly communicating, using tactics they have learned on their own. They have found a groove as a team. The best part is that both boys are capable of skippering the boat! Their most notable day of sailing was this past week when they came from last place––due to a fault in their start––to win second place out of the seven boats on the water. Their teamwork and competitive nature as a duo have made them our nomination for the week.

Junhao “Alex” Chen ’24 - Fourths Mountain Biking 

Alex’s improvement this season has been remarkable. He has begun to move to the next level in his riding, and he is learning new features in the woods. The coaches are really impressed with his ability to overcome the challenges of learning a new sport and appreciate the time he puts into riding outside of practice.

Drew Damon ’23 - Thirds Soccer 

Drew became our center back at the beginning of the season after starting as a midfielder. This past week he has shown that he can organize the players around him while serving as a reliable anchor to the defense. The team has struggled with goals against, but with Drew’s steady improvement and leadership, the backline has become a solid force. There is no other player we trust more as our last defender. 

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