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Athletes of the Week for October 26, 2020

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Zach Miles ’21 and James Morse ’22 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Zach Miles ’21 - Advanced Soccer 

Zach is a ninth grader who has continued to improve his technical ability and knowledge of the game during his time at Cardigan, and especially this fall. He has a wonderful work ethic and understands that through competition comes improvement. As a result, he pushes his teammates in practices and games in a fair but challenging manner. His attitude throughout this fall has been excellent; he graciously accepted that we would not have games against other schools but continued to take responsibility on every occasion to improve his own game and to be ready to compete in secondary school. 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

James Morse ’22 - Intermediate Soccer

James brings great enthusiasm to practice, and he puts smiles on the faces of everyone he works with. He finds a way to bring joy to each drill, and he also works hard as a player. He has become both an offensive threat and a hustle defender during the season. 

Other Varsity Nominations 

Spencer Hutchinson ’22 - Varsity Cross Country 

Spencer blasted through the finish line on Saturday during our "Hall of Fame" 5km time trial. He was determined to set a personal record this year and he did not disappoint. Marking the close to his fourth competitive season as a runner, he knows how to race. His mental and physical endurance have been finely-tuned, and he's got a wicked-fast kick at the end of the race. Somehow he also always manages a smile at the end, right before he circles back to cheer for his teammates. He's a great runner and an even greater teammate! Thanks, Spencer!

Liam Murphy ’22 - Varsity Mountain Biking

Promoted from the JV squad just two weeks ago, Liam immediately ingratiated himself with his new teammates and coaches with a positive attitude and a refreshing sense of excitement. He improved in each practice and has great potential in this sport. Saturday in the three-lap XC race, he earned a 4th place finish overall!

Mason Buchler ’23 - Sailing 

Mason has picked up sailing quickly. He learned how to skipper the boat in just one season, a feat which is not done by many. He worked on facing his fears of going fast and won the final two races (the Joslin Jamboree and the Cardigan Cup) in the B Class. He also improved his fitness from the start of the fall term, improving in every single fitness day category. For his courage, determination, and growth this season, Mason has earned this week's nomination. 

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Zhefu “Jeff” Lei ’22 - JV Cross Country

Jeff has had an outstanding week in cross country running. He has been positive, enthusiastic, and supportive of his teammates. He had a great final 5km time trial on Saturday on the team's home course; he set a personal record and began cheering on his teammates as soon as he finished. Well done, Jeff!

William Rice ’22 - JV Mountain Biking

William has been nothing short of exceptional this season. Starting on our Thirds team, he worked hard to improve his technical riding and moved up to JV. When asked to race the A-loop, he demonstrated courage, accepting the challenge and using his speed and endurance to push himself to finish the race. Our last race of the season was his best–he rode strong and consistent and earned the top spot on the podium for the JV team. He is a great teammate and his efforts motivate those around him to be better in their own riding. Great job, William!

Jeongung “Edgar” Choi ’24 - Developmental Soccer 

Edgar has shown great improvement in soccer this season. He went from being a tentative player who often tried to hide in the background, to an aggressive go-getter with the drive to score a winning goal. His fitness has improved greatly along with his mental fortitude. He is a kind teammate who compliments his teammates often on the good performances they have. Edgar is not one for many words, but his hard work and improvement speak for him.

Huijing “Michael” Zhang ’22 - Reserve Mountain Biking 

Michael has made an incredible shift in his attitude and effort over the past few weeks; it paid off big time as he placed third in one of our final races (his highest placement to date). 

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