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Athletes of the Week for October 23, 2020

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Anders Silitch ’21 and Toshishiro “Toshi” Moriyama ’23 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Anders Silitch ’21 - Varsity Mountain Biking 

In addition to providing skill development, encouragement, and fostering team spirit, Anders has excelled in the intrasquad competitions. To date, he has finished first or second in all four timed races, including two XC race simulations and two enduro races in which the downhill segments were measured. 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Toshishiro “Toshi” Moriyama ’23 - JV Cross Country

Toshi started the season unsure about running and joining the cross country running team. Now he is an integral member of the team, bringing his joyful smile and personality to practice every day. At the Funsie Onesie Runsie he accidentally fell and scraped his hip, knee, and elbow; the very next day he was out running around the lake with his team. He ran his best lake run time so far this season on Saturday (44 minutes). Toshi is a pleasure to have on our team. 

Other Varsity Nominations

Mateo Escalante ’22 - Varsity Cross Country

Mateo has had a breakthrough season, nabbing personal records in distances ranging from the one-mile Cougar Time Trial to the five-mile Lake Run. Distance running requires intense discipline, and Mateo gives everything to our daily workouts, training runs, and races. He makes six-minute miles look easy. Perhaps more importantly, Mateo dedicates an equal amount of time to his teammates. He takes his role as captain seriously by helping with the mechanics of practice and building a kind and supportive team culture. With gratitude, we nominate Mateo for this week’s Student-Athlete of the Week. 

Kai Kinoshita ’23 - Varsity Sailing 

Kai has been working hard each practice to improve his skills as a sailor and his general fitness. During our fitness testing this week, Kai was one of only three sailors to improve in every single category. He also worked extremely hard during the Funsie Onesie Runsie. For his dedication to improving himself every day, we nominate Kai!

Layton Glover ’22 - Advanced Soccer

Layton is an eighth grader who played on the thirds team last soccer season. His growth from last year and his determination this year earned him a position in the advanced training group. He works hard each day to improve his skill set and the physical conditioning he needs to become an efficient keeper. He enthusiastically participates in drills whether designed for keepers or for shooters, and he gives his best effort in all situations. He even volunteers regularly to play in the field if he is not needed in goal. 

Su “Jack” Lin ’22 - Football 

Jack always puts his best effort forward and is willing to play any position. He is a true competitor and a great addition to this team. 

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Treva Murphy ’22 - Thirds Mountain Biking 

Treva shows daily persistence and perseverance on the bike, conquering hard challenges with courage. He is always courteous and compassionate to his coaches and peers. Great work! 

Aidan Doyle ’22 - Intermediate Soccer 

Aidan has stepped up as one of our co-captains, helping to keep everyone focused and on task. He leads by example with his effort on the field, and he takes on the responsibility of organizing the team's formation whenever we scrimmage. Aidan always improves the level of play and looks for ways to be a positive leader on the field.

Jaeson Cabrera ’22 - JV Mountain Biking 

Over the last few weeks, Jaeson has won the B race and was on the podium for the second enduro. He has become a skilled rider throughout the season and has acted as a leader when needed. 

Holland Deane ’22 - Reserve Mountain Biking 

Holland has been giving it his all recently to improve his endurance and uphill pedaling abilities.  

Jordan Pham ’23 - Developmental Soccer 

Jordan is enthusiastic and always plays to win. He has shown great improvement in his skills, even scoring a goal during the Cardigan Cup. He has shown an understanding of how the game of soccer flows, threading passes through defenses and cutting the ball to take a hard-placed shot. He is vocal and always engaged in practices and games. Thanks, Jordan!

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