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Athletes of the Week for October 17, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Gabe Taylor ’22 and Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko ’23 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week 

Gabe Taylor ’22 - Varsity Football 

Gabe is a two-way starter for the Varsity Football Team. He is the leader of the offense and his calm but competitive attitude helps the team come together. Gabe always seems to find a way through the defense and is our team’s leading rusher. Defensively, he is a hard-hitting safety who is willing to play any position the team needs. He is a warrior on the field and represents our team well.

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week 

Hyun Jun “Jason” Ko ’23 - JV Cross Country

This past week, the JV Cross Country squad had two races, and in both, Jason’s calculated and poignant pacing, combined with his superb and winning attitude, carried the day. Of note was Saturday’s race against Eaglebrook, during which he heeded the advice of his coaches and surged to the finish, shaving an incredible one minute off his previous time from Wednesday. His unbridled enthusiasm and positivity carried the day and resonated with both Cardigan and Eaglebrook runners, to wit he rolled out the "green carpet" and was a gracious host. He is a resilient and strong young man, and his future as a runner is brilliant. Keep up the great work, Jason.

Other Varsity Nominations 

Aidan Milone ’23 - Varsity Cross Country 

Aidan ran his first 5K race today and looked like he’s been doing it his whole life! He’s a machine––strong, calculated, and FAST! He placed fourth overall at our Eaglebrook competition, helping the Cougars secure their second straight victory against Eaglebrook in 15 years! This is a guy who just gets the job done––showing up to practice, working hard every day, and supporting his team. Way to go, Aidan!

Adrian Moon ’23 - Varsity Soccer

Despite not having a game on Wednesday this week, the varsity squad did play twice and wants to recognize Adrian for his hard work, determined effort, and willingness to adapt to a new position. He started the season as a forward who would come off the bench in games, utilizing his speed against opponents. However, as a result of some minor injuries, the team tried him as an outside back. He worked hard in practice and, last Monday, earned the role of starting right back, logging significant minutes and making several important tackles and interceptions, assisting the team to a 6-1 victory against Proctor. This weekend, he again started at outside back against a very strong Eaglebrook side and played a fine match, using his speed and physical strength to thwart several attempts by the visitors at our goal. Despite a few bumps and illegal tackles by the visitors, Adrian persevered and was a bright spot in the game. 

Teo Ryder ’22 - Varsity Mountain Biking

After a stellar week, Teo earned the Varsity Mountain Biking Athlete of the Week recognition for his effort and determination. In the NNEMTB C race hosted at Cardigan, he was first, beating 70 other riders. Most impressive was his sprint at the start; he gained the lead in the first 50 meters and never relinquished it!

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Adlai Nixon ’25 - Rock Climbing

Adlai had a great week of climbing. He completed several boulder problems in the Cougar Cave and gave great effort on the cliffs at Rumney. He has had a positive attitude and has continued to be supportive of his teammates. Good job, Adlai!

Juan Salazar ’23 - JV Soccer

When the JV Soccer Team began its season, it was clear that there was a shortage of experienced defenders. Although a midfielder prior to Cardigan, Juan has stepped into the center back position and brought immediate stability to the team. His unselfish play, combined with his leadership in the back, has led to two shutouts and a victory on Eaglebrook Day. He even contributed to the offense by placing a beautiful 30-yard free kick in front of the net, assisting with the game-winning goal against Eaglebrook. Simply put, Juan has made the team better.

Josh Tedeschi ’23 - JV Football 

Josh scored two touchdowns in the game this week. He also made several plays on defense, helping his team as much as he could. 

Yichen “Tony” Li ’24 - Sailing 

Tony is new to our program this year and has been absorbing all that there is to know about sailing. He has chosen to skipper (drive) a boat and learn the tactics needed for a racing start. Tony’s most notable accomplishment this week was his determination to moor two boats at one time. The water in the lake is very cold right now and in order to help the team make the time limit for taking apart the boats, without being asked, he took two of the sailboats to their respective moorings. He was the last one out of the water and ensured that everything was done in a timely manner. Keep up the great work, Tony!

Yutong “Jacob” Zhao ’22 - Thirds Mountain Biking 

Jacob has been a shining star on the team and exemplifies what it means to rise up in the face of adversity. He started the season with the potential of being selected for the JV Team but ended up on Thirds. Regardless, he did not let this set him back and has given his all every practice, showing a strong desire to improve a bit more every day. His hard work resulted in a podium position for the C-Class in our race against Eaglebrook, and we the coaching team feel he deserves recognition for all of his efforts.    

Sanders Morris ’22 - Fourths Mountain Biking

When it comes to sportsmanship, positivity, and the ability to raise team morale, Sanders is head and shoulders above the rest. He is consistently looking for ways to improve his riding and has been a phenomenal leader on the team this season. His mere presence is enough to inspire other riders to be better than the day before, and our team would not be the same without him. 

Zheng “Justin” Gong ’23 - Thirds Soccer 

Justin made the switch from midfield to defense and did an outstanding job. We have been impressed with his willingness to play where the team needs him, and he brings a contagious joy to the field each day. Justin has been a positive force in practice and in games, and he will be a formidable defender for the remainder of the season.

Dekun “Benson” Lu ’25 - Fourths Soccer 

Benson has done a great job so far this year on the Fourths Soccer Team. Although he was a little more reserved in our first week or so of the season, he has really come out of his shell, securing the role of the team’s starting RB. He has really demonstrated a desire to learn and better his skills, constantly listening and growing from his mistakes. Although his position doesn’t often get on the stat sheet, Benson has made some pivotal defensive plays in games this season. 

Stuart Windsor ’22 - JV Mountain Biking 

Stuart has stepped up in a big way. He had a great week of racing, finishing just behind some varsity guys during our NNEMTB home event. Later against Eaglebrook, Stuart rode all out and won the B race. 

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