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Athletes of the Week for November 7, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Domineaq “Dom” Taylor ’22 and Adlai Nixon ’25 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated. Learn more about Athletics at Cardigan Mountain School.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Domineaq “Dom” Taylor ’22 - Varsity Football

Dom was elected captain by his teammates at the start of the season, and he honored that title all fall. He was a two-way starter and always gave his best effort in drills and games. His leadership was put on display in the moments following our last game of the year, when he approached an opponent on the other team who was visibly in distress. Dom and a teammate talked with him and lived up to our Core Values. Great season, Dom!

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Adlai Nixon ’25 - Rock Climbing

Adlai had a great week of climbing. He has continued to challenge himself in the Cougar Cave and has been supportive of others. On Wednesday he did a terrific job belaying a teammate during a sudden snow squall and kept his focus and concentration. He ended the season on Saturday with great effort at the rock climbing gym in Concord. Well done, Adlai!

Cardigan's Varsity Football Team vs. Exeter

Cardigan's Varsity Football Team vs. Exeter. See more photos

Other Varsity Nominations

Spencer Hutchinson ’22 - Varsity Cross Country 

Spencer has run for the varsity team for four years now. His consistency and dependability are the backbone of our team. No matter how unfavorable the conditions or brutal the run, Spencer never complains. He shows up ready to play! He is also one of the kindest and most supportive members of our team; he does the right thing, not to be recognized, but because it’s genuinely who he is. Today, he deserves to be recognized as he CRUSHED his 5K race time at our regional meet. He’s shown up everyday, worked hard, and it’s paid off. We couldn’t be more proud of you, Spencer!

Diego Belden de la Vega ’22 - Varsity Soccer

Diego is a central midfielder with incredible talent. He is an extremely hard-working defensive player who pesters opponents and when going forward has the ability to see the flow of play and distribute the ball dangerously for opposition defenses. He is one of the players for the Cougars who has played almost every minute of the season. He has scored some fantastic goals at important moments and has more assists than any other player over the last two weeks. His active play and game intelligence has been crucial to the team’s success this season, especially in the last two weeks of the season. 

Jaeson Cabrera ’22 - Varsity Mountain Biking 

Jaeson is a guy who goes about his business with purpose. He has brought incredible energy to the team this season and is without question our most positive member. He deserves a lot of credit for how hard he has worked in order to reach the varsity level. Then, in our last ride, while riding a very difficult and dangerous feature off-campus, he suffered a bike crash. This was at the top of the descent, and due to his strength and toughness he was able to ride down. He fell nearly seven feet to an all-rock landing in a push-up position. I am not sure anyone else could have recovered from this fall. Thank you for all your effort these last three years, Jaeson. 

Cardigan's Varsity and JV Cross Country Team during a race

Cardigan's Varsity and JV Cross Country Team during a race. See more photos

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Kai Kinoshita ’23 - JV Cross Country 

Taking the Regionals by storm, Kai’s final race of the season proved to be a tour de force and a veritable mastercraft. Boundless was his energy as he took to the course, and with each stride, one could not help but reflect upon his immense growth over the course of the season. His pace and overall technique have improved significantly this year, and to watch him take his finish at Holderness School last Wednesday was glorious. In brief, Kai’s last run bore much fruit, and his coaches and teammates enjoyed helping him chart his measurable progress throughout the course of the season.

Keunhoo “Connor” Park ’23 - Thirds Soccer

Keunhoo has impressed the coaches with his tremendous improvement this season. He has developed so much as a player and has become a vital component of our defense. Though he did not score in a game, he was an offensive threat in practice, to the point that a defensive goal was termed, “Keunhoo-ing it.” This was a great season for Keunhoo. He was a pleasure to coach and was an all-star teammate. 

Chak Shing “William” Li ’23 - Sailing

In sailing, it takes two people to push our boats to the limit. You have the skipper, (the person who drives the boat and controls the big sail) and the crew member (the person who is constantly watching the water and controls the smaller sail). William has been an even-keeled member of his team from day one. He has been in the crew position for many different skippers and helps to go as fast as the boats are capable. His quiet nature may not be noticed by everyone, but it is his demeanor and steady work ethic that make our team run. He did not win every race, but he showed up with a smile on his face and a desire to make the best of each day! 

Joonseong “Jake” Lim ’23 - Fourths Soccer 

Jake has been an integral part of the Fourths Soccer Team this year. Not only was he chosen to be a captain by his coaches, but he received the most votes from his teammates as well. He is constantly encouraging his teammates to work harder and pushing himself to learn more; ultimately, he wants the team to get better every day. In many of our last games, he played in a new position, and without question, he took on his new role with determination and conviction. It is this type of attitude and leadership that made Jake so important to our squad this fall season. 

Zhimin “Jimmy” Li ’23 - JV Football 

Jimmy played great all year, and in the final game, he really stepped it up on offense and defense.

Nicholas “Nick” Sumner ’23 - JV Soccer 

Nick saved his best game for last. When the team was struggling against a bigger, older Brewster Academy team on a bigger field, he lit a fire and spent the second half chasing down ball after ball and opponent after opponent. He covered more of the field than any Cardigan player, and never stopped running. We tied the game in the second half, and Nick nearly had the go-ahead score after fighting for the ball in the box. Although the Cougars came up short in the end, Nick set the tone for the team as they mounted a furious comeback attempt.

Cardigan's Sailing Team in action

Cardigan's Sailing Team in action. See more photos

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