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Athletes of the Week for May 2, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Miles Kim ’21 and Kai Kinoshita ’23 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Miles Kim ’21 - Varsity Lacrosse

Miles’ teammates nominated him for Athlete of the Week because of his enthusiastic smile and the positive attitude he brings to practice every day. He is a hard worker and someone who can be counted on to know the plays and help others learn them. One of his teammates talked about Miles helping him with the plays right before the first game so he could feel more comfortable. Miles is a great teammate, a great player, and someone everyone looks up to. 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the week 

Kai Kinoshita ’23 - White “B” Tennis 

Kai had a powerhouse week in practice and match play. He has been consistently improving the power of his forehand and backhand, with a particularly striking backhand. One of the most impressive improvements of his game is his speed and agility on the court. He does not let any ball go, will chase anything and everything down, and made amazing shots during which he kept his coordination and form despite being on the run. He is also an incredibly smart player, often sending his opponent back and forth across the baseline. He will get into rallies during which he exhausts his opponent while staying in control himself, and then is able to win the next several points in a row because of it. Because of all these strengths and improvements, Kai beat our top two players in singles matches on Saturday and is now ranked #1 on our team ladder.

Other Varsity Nominations

Mateo Escalante ’22 - Varsity Tennis 

Mateo is working very hard every practice to improve his strokes. He is very coachable and always thinks about different ways that can help him to improve his game. He is also a great teammate who stays behind at the end of practice to pick up balls, put cones away, or help a teammate to put on a new grip. Finally, he competed extremely well in our singles’ round robin tournament against older and more experienced players this past Saturday. The coaches are delighted with his work ethic and enthusiasm for the game. Well done, Mateo!

Estyn Elkouh ’22 - Varsity Baseball 

On Saturday, Estyn pitched five strong innings and contributed at the plate to help the underclassmen tie the ninth-grade team, 6-6. The work ethic that he brings each day is infectious with his teammates. He approaches each practice and scrimmage as an opportunity to become a better baseball player while also enjoying the sport and his teammates. Estyn is a student of the game and loves to find ways to become better. He is a pleasure to coach!

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Blumes Tracy ’24 - Gray Baseball 

As a sixth grader, Blumes has faced the daunting challenge of playing on a full-sized baseball field before his age group normally makes the transition. He has responded by being one of the most improved players on the team. His field awareness has become very good and his arm strength and accuracy have grown tremendously. Blumes has embraced the heart and mind of being a Cougar.

Channing Rice ’24 - White Baseball 

The White Baseball student-athlete of the week is Channing Rice. Channing shows exceptional hussle at practices, puts lessons from his coaches into action, and is supportive of his teammates. In our last game, he hit a single and got on base every at-bat. He also has a great understanding of the game and can tell you where the ball should go when on defense. Keep up the good work, Channing.... you will make it to the major leagues (Mr. Leroy’s team).

Alex Chen ’22 - Gray Tennis 

Alex plays with skill and leads with strength. He is not afraid to speak up when something doesn’t sit right with him.

Donald “Eddie” Andrews ’23 - Gray Lacrosse 

Eddie is always one of the first to work and makes sure to thank the coaches at the end of every practice. He is a solid player and is willing to share his knowledge with the others on his team. He can play physically or with finesse. We have been very glad to have him working with us.

Ian McDonnell ’22 - CORE

CORE devotes a great deal of time to teaching leadership skills. The group had previously tried to tackle the execution of an ambitious service project but had run into a set of challenges that were previously insurmountable. Ian McDonnell to the rescue. He stepped in as the group’s designated leader for the week and immediately took charge of the operation. He successfully culled a plan from the group input and executed the plan to perfection. In the end, the service project was completed with time left over to head out to the Point campsite for a demonstration on camp stove use. Keep up the good work, Ian.

Conor Fox ’24 - White Lacrosse 

Connor earned the White Lacrosse Athlete of the Week award this week. His grittiness in drills and in games inspires his teammates. He dug deep on game day; after blocking a shot with his thumb during warm up, he shook it off and played the game. During the fourth quarter, he blocked another shot off his kneecap! Again, he was temporarily knocked down but rebounded, walked it off, and finished the game. This sixth grader is inspiring his older teammates.


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