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Athletes of the Week for January 31, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Jack Roberts ’21 and Abe Shepherd ’23 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Jack Roberts ’21 - Green Hockey

Jack has been a leader of the Varsity Hockey Team since arriving on campus. He is an extremely hard worker and shows a strong desire to succeed. He kept his calm throughout the whole extended quarantine process and continued to play his high tempo, high energy game when he returned. He makes his teammates around him better players. He played very well in our scrimmage this past weekend and is our nomination for Student-Athlete of the Week.

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the week

Abe Shepherd ’23 - Gray Hockey 

Abe has been making great strides in his hockey abilities since he joined our team in the fall. His impressive improvement is due in large part to his excellent effort and attitude on the ice. He takes every practice seriously and has approached each drill with a desire to improve. His efforts were on full display during our scrimmage this Friday, when he netted a beautiful one-timer off a pass from behind the net, a goal that cannot help but draw comparisons to Bobby Orr’s famous Stanley Cup winner.

Other Varsity Nominations

Patrick Kim ’23 - Nordic Skiing

Patrick has had a great week of skiing. He has been on time for practices and has shown consistent enthusiasm and excitement to ski. He challenges himself to improve his skills and takes time to listen to feedback from coaches. Well done, Patrick!
William Rice ’22 - Alpine Skiing 

The U14 USSA team competed in a three-run divisional slalom race at Ragged Mountain on Sunday, January 31. William led the way with 2nd, 4th, and 5th place results! Overall, he was the second fastest U14 for the day. His relentless pursuit of runs at practice this week and his outstanding day of racing at Ragged Mountain earned him the Student-Athlete of the Week for Alpine Skiing. 
Stuart Windsor ’22 - Varsity Snowboarding

Recovering from an injury is never easy, but when he broke his wrist, Stuart jumped back on his board barely a week later, exhibiting unwavering tenacity and courage. His humor and energy carry the snowboarding team; there is never a dull moment in the lift line, on the way to the mountain, or on the chairlift (Wanna sing pop music anyone?). His stoke has been infectious and he has been an exceptional contribution to the team this winter. Way to go, Stu!
Kiefer Priest ’21 - Green Basketball 

Since we’ve returned to the court this season, Keifer has pushed himself to get better every day. He is a vocal leader during practices and games and always pushes his teammates to reach their full potential. It is wonderful to have a guy on the team that is committed to putting in the work. He leads by example and is always a positive voice on the floor.

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Reid Gueldenzoph ’22 - White Hockey 

Reid has worked really hard both on and off the ice, and his efforts showed in our practices and games this weekend. He has lifted the intensity of our practices by making physical plays, taking great angles, and separating the player from the puck. He is teaching his other defensive partners how to control and steer an offensive player off the puck, and then jump in the attack and score. He will get better every day if he continues his diligent effort and so will his teammates.
Alexis Santini ’23 - Gray Basketball 

Alexis worked exceptionally hard throughout the first few weeks of the season, which led to his election as the team’s captain. During fitness testing, he encouraged his teammates while setting the example with his drive. This mindset allowed him to perform at his best and elevated the play of his teammates. The coaches look forward to seeing how he will continue to lead his team throughout the rest of the winter. 
Junhyeong “Jake” Lee ’22 - White Basketball 

Jake exhibits a very strong work ethic in all facets of practice; from warm-ups to skill-work to game situations, I can always count on him to give his best effort. Working tirelessly to improve his craft, he has mastered many of the skills and objectives we have given the boys thus far. While he doesn’t always speak up, he is the person that I always point to for the other boys to follow. In a testament to his coachability, he has made great strides with his shooting and dribbling this year. His court awareness is also something that has vastly improved, and as a result, he often makes plays that other boys aren’t expecting. I look forward to working with Jake for the rest of the winter season. 

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