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Athletes of the Week for January 24, 2021

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Diego Morales ’21 and Sunghoon “Willy” Park ’23 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the week

Diego Morales Gomez del Campo ’21 - Varsity Snowboarding

Trying a new sport can take tremendous courage, and getting back up when you fall can test your strength and determination. In just one week of snowboarding, Diego has demonstrated these attributes and more. Every day, he comes to practice excited to ride and push himself a little more, stepping outside his comfort zone and working towards improving. He supports and encourages his teammates, and his positive attitude is an asset to the team. No matter how hard the fall, he gets up, brushes off the snow, and keeps riding. Great work, Diego!

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the week

Sunghoon “Willy” Park ’23 - Black Basketball 

Willy's speed allows him to quickly cover the floor from end to end. He is able to dribble through tight spaces and deliver the ball to his teammates. He has a fantastic overall work ethic, seeks feedback from coaches, and immediately incorporates that feedback into his game. 

Other Varsity Nominations 

Yutong “Jacob” Zhao ’22 - Nordic Skiing

Jacob has had a great week of Nordic skiing. He has been excited and enthusiastic during practice and has put in a full effort every day. His skills have grown remarkably. Keep skiing fast, Jacob!

Aidan Doyle ’22 - Alpine Skiing 

Aidan has had a remarkable start to the ski season. His ability to pick up entirely new techniques and skills is among the highest of the team. With only about a month of alpine race training under his belt, he is already starting to look as though he will be competitive in races this year—great attitude, effort, and compassion all around. 

Christian Maro ’21 - Green Hockey 

Christian arrived on campus the morning of our first varsity (green) scrimmage. Even though he missed our first Friday practice, he didn't skip a beat. He scored two goals in regulation and added another in the shootout. Along with his strong efforts in his first scrimmage, he followed up with a great week of practice. He pushes the pace each day and leads with hard work and determination. Keep up the excellent work, Christian!
Kiefer Priest ’21 - Green Basketball 

Since we've returned to the court this season, Kiefer has pushed himself to get better every day. He is also a vocal leader during practices and games, always encouraging his teammates to reach their full potential. It is wonderful to have a player on the team committed to putting in the work every day. Kiefer leads by example and always adds his positive voice on the floor.

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Bernardo Lujan Lalieu ’21 - Gray Hockey

Bernardo was excellent in our first scrimmage of the season. He played a great game on both ends of the ice, and he was the leading scorer of the day. Furthermore, he was an exemplary player in practice all week. He worked diligently and thoughtfully in every drill and helped us to set the tone for practices throughout the season. 

Conor LeRoy ’23 - White Hockey

Conor has had a great week with the White hockey group. He has worked hard in every practice, leading to daily skill improvement. In our weekend game, he scored three great goals, all by finding an open area around the net (soft zone) and burying the puck with his solid shot. Later in the week, in another scrimmage, he was able to do the same thing, showing his teammates that correct offensive positioning around the goal will allow you to score. Keep up the excellent work!

Ethan Lo ’21 - White Basketball 

Ethan has been challenged countless times in the last few weeks, and each time he has shown remarkable resilience and mental toughness. He works quietly and leads by example. He has shown tremendous improvement in many aspects of the game, and I am hoping he will continue to serve as a leader on our team in the coming weeks.

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