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Athletes of the Week for January 28, 2019

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Ryan MacInnis ’19 and Henry Sterrett ’19 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Ryan MacInnis ’19 – Varsity Wrestling

Ryan is an inspirational leader and is held in the highest esteem by all of his coaches and teammates. Ryan is one of the team’s hardest workers. He arrives at practices early to begin conditioning and sets a great example for his teammates. His enthusiasm and encouragement are constantly pushing the entire team to greater heights. Ryan plays an essential role at meets, sometimes acting as an additional coach, particularly when Cardigan wrestlers are competing on multiple mats. His familiarity of wrestling moves and countermoves provides vital guidance to his teammates, especially the younger wrestlers. At a recent competition at Loomis Chaffee, he won all three of his matches, pinning two of his opponents. He’s one of the team’s best technical wrestlers and continues to dominate his opponents with skill and precision. There’s no question that the wrestling team and the entire school benefits from Ryan’s leadership roles. He is the best of the best!

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Henry Sterrett ’19 – Thirds Hockey

Henry has been a very solid member of the Thirds Hockey Team all year. He is a stay-at-home defenseman that anchors the D group. Henry is on the ice in five-on-five situations, on the penalty kill, and on the power play, too. In addition, he is a positive presence in the locker room, and he communicates well with his coaches and teammates. 

Other Varsity Nominations

Reaghan Moore ’22 – Varsity Nordic Skiing

Reaghan has had a great week of skiing. His skills in both classic and freestyle techniques are steadily improving and he is always positive and enthusiastic to practice and race. On Wednesday he participated in the St. Paul's School sprint races and had a good finish in the consolation final. On Saturday he led the CMS middle school boys with a great ski at the 4km Coaches Series race on the challenging Holderness course.

Gannon Peters ’19 - Varsity Basketball

Unfortunately, Gannon suffered a significant ankle sprain at Eaglebrook two weeks ago and has been occupied by rehab in the time since. However, Gannon persevered and found himself engaged in the week of practices leading up to the most monumental task of the season for Varsity Basketball--Fessenden School. Gannon has struggled with finding his niche on the squad, as his gifts as an athlete shine on the soccer field; however, he branded his role against Fessenden. Gannon was a defensive juggernaut: slicing into passing lanes, drawing offensive fouls, and contesting nearly every shot. His efforts and fearless approach to the game of basketball are admirable and inspiring qualities. which set the tone for our relative successes against Fessenden.  

Silas Van Vranken ’19 Varsity Hockey

Silas had his best week of the winter, he has constantly been improving his skills, and he allowed himself to become one of our go-to defensive men. Silas is quite coachable and he is always trying to put the team first, which is not always true with this age group. I am really happy to have him on our team and I hope that Silas will keep his goal playing streak going. This is why Silas is our student-athlete of the week.

Damian Zhu ’21 – Varsity Snowboarding

Damian has continued to improve each week with our snowboard team. At the start of the season, Damian was very much a beginner snowboarder but has improved remarkably and now finds himself as one of our fastest and most stable riders. In our recent GS race, Damian had an outstanding second run in difficult conditions, logging the 16th fastest run of the 50+ strong Lakes Region field. I can't wait to see where he will take his riding from here!

Jeffrey Kang ’21 – Varsity Alpine Skiing

His training was purposeful this week. Jeffrey showed a willingness to drill hard and apply a tougher and more positive attitude. His growth mindset was largely responsible for two excellent race results. He placed second on the team and scored points for his 12th place finish in the Lakes Region GS held at Loon. Jeffrey also did a fine job racing SL in the USSA U14 race held at Whaleback. His teammates recognized his improved communication skills.

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Jack Hines ’20 – Thirds Basketball

Jack has consistently improved throughout the season. He’s become one of our best post defenders, and he is a rebounding force. His effort and coachability have been excellent all season as well!

Gabriel Rodriquez ’20 – Reserve Hockey

Gabe continues to improve as a hockey player and puts forth a tremendous effort in each practice and game. In our most recent game against UV Storm, Gabe played a 200-ft game and was effective in all three zones on the ice. He is extremely coachable and a fantastic teammate.

Tadeas Bezdek ’21 – JV Hockey

Tadeas has had an outstanding week of hockey for his team. In back to back games versus Rumsey Hall, Tadeas kept his team in both games by making some amazing saves and stopping lots of shots. He has worked hard in practice and is emerging as a great goaltender.

Yaneik Gallego ’20 – JV Basketball

Yaneik has proved to be a great addition to JV Basketball this year. His work ethic this week has led us to nominate him for this week’s student-athlete of the week. Yaneik has elevated his defensive effort and has put a lot of work into developing his offensive skills. It has been a great week of practice, and Yaneik has been a big reason why.

Albert Park ’22 – Reserve Basketball

Albert has taken huge strides since the beginning of the season, improving not only his technical knowledge and skill of the sport, but in effort. Defensively, Albert was a force to be reckoned with in our most recent game, getting his hands on the ball from rebounds and passes gone awry. Such a significant change in his game, especially as one of the younger members of the team, warrants his nomination.

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