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Athletes of the Week for December 13, 2019

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Kyle Murray-Smith ’20 and Gabe Raphael ’21 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Kyle Murray-Smith ’20 - Varsity Hockey 

Kyle's play has been superb throughout the entire season, yet he has somehow improved with each and every game. As a ninth-grade captain and leader among his peers, Kyle is often seen as a "lead by example" type of captain, who shows his teammates the way through hard work and execution. In our most recent game against Eaglebrook, Kyle was the team’s most consistent forward. Throughout the game, he provided several sparks of energy that seemed to rejuvenate the Cougars when they began to fall a little flat. In the process, he scored our only goal in what would eventually end up in an overtime loss. However, it was his effort, energy, and enthusiasm that were most impressive as he continuously lifted up his teammates and raised the level of their play.

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Gabe Raphael ’21 – JV Hockey 

Gabe played a great week of hockey for the JV Hockey Team. In a close game versus Proctor Academy, he exploded with three amazing goals in a row (a natural hat trick), earning his team a convincing win. Each goal was unique and the final one was due to an amazing breakaway. Gabe has been working hard all year and his efforts are paying off.

Other Varsity Nominations 

Zihan “Harrison” Huang ’21 – Nordic Skiing

Harrison has had a great week of skiing since returning from the winter holiday break. On Tuesday he completed his first 5km race at Green Woodlands on a challenging course. In addition to skiing well, he exceeded our expectations by continuing on after the first 2.5km loop when we expected him to stop. Harrison has been a consistently positive presence on the team and always gives his full attention and effort. He learned to skate ski this week and his classic technique continues to improve. Well done, Harrison!

Jeffrey Kang '21 - Alpine Skiing

On Wednesday, January 8, Jeffrey helped Cardigan win the first Lakes Region Alpine Ski Race of the season, a GS held at Sunapee. Jeffrey was the overall winner of the race, skiing faster than all the competitors from KUA, Dublin, and VA. His margin of victory was .08 of a second! A student of his sport, Jeffrey makes time to watch videos of winning runs during his free time.

David Warder ’21 – Wrestling

David is a first-year wrestler but you wouldn’t know it by watching him. He brings his infectious enthusiasm to every practice and listens carefully to his coaches’ instructions. Patiently and with careful concentration, he executes the critical and intricate components of each move until he perfects them. In short order, he introduces those moves against his practice partners, making them all better wrestlers. He has been coming on strong since the very first practice of the year, and his goal is to get better every day. He won both of his matches at last Friday’s meet against Fay School and Eaglebrook. 

Max McClure ’21 - Varsity Basketball

Max has been a great positive influence on our team! From day one, he has come to practice with a strong work ethic and has been committed to getting better everyday. He is a fierce competitor, and although we suffered a couple losses this past week, Max's attitude and outlook have remained positive. We truly appreciate the effort he has given this season.

Francisco Concha Alvarez Jr. '21 – Snowboarding

Fran has brought energy, enthusiasm, and determination to the Snowboard Team this winter. Since the first day on snow, he has demonstrated his dedication and willingness to improve. His fearlessness pushes him to attempt new skills on jumps and technical terrain. His positive demeanor is an asset to our team and he remains stoked, no matter the conditions. Great work, Fran!

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Hudson Heinemann ’22 – JV Basketball

Since the return from break, Hudson has illustrated a desire to get better and help the team in any way possible. He asked great questions all week, was eager to practice some new skills, and has worked hard to apply feedback from his coaches into his game. In a recent contest against Holderness, his efforts paid off. He scored 10 points and helped propel the Cougars to a win. He made smart passes to his teammates and was aggressive when he had opportunities to score. Additionally, he provided some exceptional defense down the stretch, shutting down the other team’s star player on an important possession late in the second half. His all-around improvement and contributions to our team sparked a solid win against Holderness on Saturday.

Cayden Van Dolah ’21 – Thirds Hockey

Cayden is always on time and gives 100% effort. He is our backbone defender and has come through with several key plays in the last few games. He also had a beauty of a finish on a slap-shot from the point at Eaglebrook over the weekend.

Andrew Reilly ’21 – Reserve Hockey

Andrew is in his second season with the team and is a leader in the locker room and on the ice. He regularly volunteers to demonstrate drills and puts on the goalie pads for practice on a regular basis (since we do not have a regular day-to-day goalie). He has a wonderful attitude and works hard in practice. 

Jack Hines ’20 – Thirds Basketball

Jack has been nominated because he is the team's leading scorer and is a steadfast forward. He has also done a great job keeping his cool in some hot moments.

Josh Tedeschi ’23 – Reserve Basketball

Josh has been a pivotal member of our team over the last week, setting an example with his effort on the court.  

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