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Athletes of the Week for December 10, 2018

Athletes of the Week for December 10, 2018

Congratulations to William Hindle ’19 and Ben Fenner ’19 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

William Hindle ’19 – Varsity Basketball

Will set the standard defensively on Friday night against Vermont Academy. His tenacious defense sparked a run that would be unmatched by the Wildcats. On a back-to-back game, it can be challenging to match a performance, rather out-do a performance. Will did just that on Saturday afternoon vs. a tough, and very disciplined Philips Exeter ball club. His strong play from the night before earned him a starting position and he did not disappoint, extending pressure in the back court, while maintaining distinct defensive principles as things settled in the front. 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Ben Fenner ’19 – 3rds Basketball

Ben has been our leading scorer in our first two games, as well as a calming presence and a very hard worker on defense. He was voted captain by his teammates because of his effort and his kindness towards his teammates, not just his skill. Ben is the hardest worker in every practice and every game.

Other Varsity Nominations

Kevin Gu ’20 – Nordic Skiing

Kevin has made great progress this winter. He competed in his first classic race on Wednesday at Proctor Academy. Afterwards, he kept skiing and successfully made it around the full loop that was set for experienced skiers. On Friday, Kevin learned to skate ski at Strafford Nordic Center. His attitude is always positive and Kevin has been enthusiastic everyday.

Lorenzo Lopez ’19 – Snowboarding

Lorenzo has been so positive, committed, and engaged over the first few weeks of the season. His riding has improved in leaps and bounds. His stance and movement are solid, and he has shown great skills by hitting the box at Clancy Hill early in the season.

Wilfrido Castillo Topete ’20  – Alpine Skiing

Although Wil has recreationally skied for years, this is his first year racing. Wil is quickly picking up the intricacies of racing. Wil is always the earliest to load the lift and excited to ski. He is determined to learn how to not only be a better skier but how to adapt and learn the proper ski racing technique. Wil always has a positive attitude and continues to work extremely hard.

Kyle Murray-Smith ’20 - Varsity Hockey

Our youngest player had a great week; he slowly but surely is starting to show the full extent of his talent. Kyle was instrumental in our two games this weekend, multiplying scoring chances and being a physical presence all over the ice. Kyle's attitude has been great, and it is always fun to see a kid that loves the game as much as Kyle does come and compete day in and day out! For these reasons, Kyle deserves to be our student-athlete of the week!

Jordan Yuan ’20  – Wrestling

Even though Jordan is one of our smaller wrestlers, he competes much larger than his size would suggest. He arrives at practice every day ready to go to work. He is often called upon to demonstrate new skills and does so with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. He anxiously awaits the introduction of new techniques and studies the intricacies of each drill so that he can perfect them and incorporate them into his repertoire. He sets an excellent example for his teammates and encourages the new wrestlers to improve their skills. Jordan competes to win and wins like a gentleman. At this weekend’s meet at Eaglebrook, he won both his matches--one by points and one by pinning his opponent. He is an absolute joy to coach and have on the Cardigan Wrestling Team.

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Andrew Reilly ’21 – Reserve Hockey

Andrew had a great week of practice and fun for the Reserve Hockey Team. He continued to improve his skating ability and overall skill set for ice hockey. Andrew capped off his week on the ice with a breakaway goal during an inter-squad scrimmage that sent both benches into an excited frenzy! Good work Andrew.

Landon Beattie ’22 – Thirds Hockey

Landon has been hustling in every drill, every practice, and every shift. He tallied the game winner against Hanover, a beauty that resulted from 100% effort and a strong wrap around play ending successfully with a well placed wrist shot.

Carter Davis ’22 – Reserve Basketball

Carter served the team starting as one of our point guards for our first game, showing great court intelligence and providing scoring opportunities for his teammates time and time again. While he scored , himself he also proved that he is a real team player.

Connor Pollard ’20 – JV Hockey

Connor has improved his skills daily since the start of the year by working hard in practice and competing everyday. Connor has also scored some big goals for his team in recent games and is logging many minutes on the blue line. He has quickly become our best defenseman on the JV Hockey Team and is one of the most coachable players. We look forward to watching this growth continue.

Eric Roachford ’20 – JV Basketball

Eric has been outstanding over the course of our first three games. Eric's ball-handling and dribble moves allow him to create space for others to score. Eric is leading our team in assists, and he displays unselfishness on a daily basis, making the extra pass, even when he has an open shot. Eric also played some tenacious defense in our first few games, forcing the other team to turn the ball over numerous times. Eric takes pride in being a coachable player. After I offered Eric some advice on how to improve his jump shot, he began working tirelessly to make the necessary changes. Eric's commitment to making his teammates better while also improving his own skills is why we believe he should be the student-athlete of the week.


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