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Athletes of the Week for April 7, 2024

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Colton Boorda ’25 and Tony Li ’24 for receiving Cardigan’s Student-Athlete of the Week Awards. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Colton Boorda ’25 - Varsity Lacrosse 

Colton has had a great start to the season. He shows up every day––ready to work hard, compete, and help others around him to do the same. This past weekend, he played well in both games despite not being 100% due to a back injury. He had some nice goals and also helped elevate the team, fighting even when we were down big against Avon. He has already shown himself to be an impact player in games and practices. Keep up the great work, Colton! 

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week 

Tony Li ’24 - JV Tennis

Impressive and hardworking in tryouts and practices, Tony was also a leader in our first match against St. Paul’s School. Even though he came up short, losing in a tiebreak, Tony battled hard and went the distance. His sportsmanship during the match earned accolades from his opponent, the players watching his match, and the St. Paul’s coaches.

Lacrosse team training

Cardigan's Lacrosse teams during the first day of spring sports. See more photos

Other Varsity Nominations 

Everett Lo ’26 - Varsity Tennis

Everett completed a very strong week of tryouts which allowed him to claim a spot on the Varsity Tennis Team. This is a tremendous accomplishment for a student in the seventh grade. He also had a dream debut, winning his singles match against Deerfield. It was a thrilling match during which he kept his nerves under control and showed incredible maturity. Thanks in part to his performance, the team walked away with their first victory of the season. 

Quinn Suarez ’26 - Varsity Baseball

Quinn has been endlessly positive and energetic so far this season. He has also tried several different positions during practice. He is extremely coachable, is a good teammate, and will be an important part of our team’s success this season.

JV Tennis vs. KUA

Cardigan's JV Tennis Team takes on Kimball Union Academy in their first home game of the season. See more photos

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations 

Cole Brown ’25 - JV Lacrosse 

Cole has been a positive leader during the first two weeks of the spring season. He has worked hard and been an enthusiastic and energetic participant in practice as we prepare for our first game. 

Allen Liu ’25 - Fourths Tennis 

Allen maintained incredible focus and consistency during our extended tryout period, and is one of the student-athletes on our team who has shown improvements every day.  He is also a fair and strong competitor who always keeps his cool when he is playing against his teammates. He’s just been killing it these first two weeks!

Jesse Whiting ’26 - Reserve Baseball

Not only is Jesse passionate and knowledgeable about the game of baseball, he is also enthusiastic and excited to play. He is a great teammate, is coachable, and is fun to watch at practice. More importantly, he feels comfortable around our team and is thriving. Jesse deserves to be our student-athlete of the week for all these reasons and much more.

Jack Durden ’25 - Thirds Baseball 

Jack has continually put forth his best effort and shows excitement to learn the sport every day. 

Gavin Donelan ’26 - Thirds Lacrosse 

Gavin brought a high-spirited, positive attitude to practice last week. He is frequently the first dressed and the first to ask how he can help. He’s hungry to learn and get better, and that makes for a great teammate. 

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