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Athletes of the Week for April 22, 2019

Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to AJ Noel ’19 and Gabriel Abdeen ’19 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

AJ Noel ’19 – Varsity Baseball

AJ has been an exceptional teammate and a defensive force at third base for the team. His plate discipline has improved dramatically since last year, and he’s proven himself to be a contributor on the mound as well. AJ was voted a captain by his teammates, a clear indication of his leadership and the respect he’s earned.

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Gabriel Abdeen ’19 – JV Lacrosse

Gabe's presence in the locker room, poise on the defensive end of the field, and his steady effort in practice, all drew accolades from his teammates last week. They also pointed out his extra effort clearing the ball from defense to offense in the Proctor game.

Other Varsity Nominations

Jerry Zhang ’20 – Varsity Tennis

The Varsity Tennis Team would like to nominate Jerry Zhang this week. Jerry is a new player on the team. He is practicing well and is motivated to improve his game every day. Jerry was asked to play his first singles game of the season and fought valiantly during the entire match. He defeated his opponent after an exciting tie break. The coaches are very proud of the way he played against an older and more experienced player. Well done Jerry.

Yaneik Gallego ’20 – Varsity Lacrosse

Yaneik has been working very hard and improving every day all season long. In the Fessenden game he really stepped up both in warm-ups and during the game. He played at full speed and showed how much potential he has and how much he can help the team. He is playing with more confidence and showing us things we have not yet seen out of him. Keep up the great work Yaneik and keep pushing yourself, and the team, to the next level.

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Damian Zhu ’21 – Thirds Lacrosse

Damian Zhu is the thirds lacrosse student-athlete of the week. Damian has developed into one of the hardest working players we have on our team. He is a sponge for the game, takes each drill seriously, and is incredibly coachable. He is a tenacious defender and is working diligently to be a leader in front of our goalie.

Jihwan Sung ’19 – Thirds Tennis

When Jihwan was faced with a tough match at yesterday's game against Eaglebrook, I came over to him during a changeover to see how he was doing and to provide some coaching. When asked what was going on, he said, "It's great. It's a good match, I love it." He then turned a 1-4 trailing loss into an 8-5 win. He might have been soaked in sweat, but he remained cool and calm the entire match.

Ethan Lo ’21 – Thirds Baseball

Ethan works as hard, or harder, than anyone on the team. Not only does he put forth his best effort during practice, he also spends hours during his free time working on his game. He spent virtually his entire Sunday throwing a ball to improve his game. Ethan is unselfish and sets a tremendous example for his teammates.

Diego Gonzalez Tabares ’19 – Reserve Lacrosse

Diego stepped up and filled the empty goalie position. All week he has had a fearless attitude and has been working hard to feel comfortable and confident in goal. Diego has really exemplified being a team player!

Bernardo Matute Hicks ’20 – JV Tennis

Bernardo was successful in his two matches this week at Brewster Academy. He played singles and doubles, and was victorious in both. One of the most thrilling moments of the season was watching Bernardo battle back from a serious deficit in his singles match. He was trailing 3-6, and 4-7, but persevered and registered the victory. I have been thoroughly impressed with this young gentleman’s grit and determination throughout the season on the tennis court.

Michael Fluty ’19 – Reserve Tennis

Michael was a standout this week in our first match against Eaglebrook. He won his match at the #1 spot 8-0. He was a great teammate to his doubles partner and when his opponent revealed a very strong serve, Michael adjusted his placement on the court. After the first two serves, the opponent never got an ace. Michael was intense and focused throughout the match and it seemed as if there was no shot the very strong Eaglebrook pair could hit that Michael couldn't get to. Michael's match was the first to finish and he still supported all of his teammates to the very end, making sure to get a good seat for intense battles to cheer them on. All week Michael has been enthusiastic in practice and brings great energy to the team.

Daniel Jung ’20 – JV Baseball

Daniel has been a constant presence of poise and hard work in our practices thus far this season. He is a positive member of the JV Baseball Team and is steadily improving every day. He is strengthening his throws and fielding in each drill and in his free time. He cares about his improvement and this has been a positive influence on his teammates.

Anders Silitch ’21 – Rock Climbing

Anders has had a fine spring season on the Rock Climbing Team. He came to the program with some climbing experience, and he has been a positive member of the squad thus far. Anders has helped his teammates learn the basics of movement and solidified his own climbing techniques by working diligently each day. Anders has the potential to be a very strong climber, if he continues to apply himself to the sport. In addition, Anders has a friendly disposition that makes him a pleasure to coach.

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