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Announcing Cardigan’s 2021-22 Student Leaders

Cardigan's 2021 Investiture Ceremony

By Greg Shapiro, Teaching Intern/Apprentice

A sight for sore eyes to see. Investiture, a tradition of great significance to the Cardigan Mountain School community, was held on the afternoon of Friday, October 9. It is an annual event normally held every spring, but because of COVID, it was postponed until  this fall. The ceremony is the culmination of a lengthy process used to select the student leaders for the upcoming academic year. 

Boys are elected by their community members on the basis of how well they embrace the Cardigan Core Values. The school leader and assistant school leader were the only positions selected last spring, represented by Preston Merrick and Gustavo Struck respectively. Last week thirty boys were elected to work alongside Preston and Gus and  to carry on the long line of tradition established by each brother before them. There were 24 titled positions available, including academics assistant, athletics assistant, floor leaders, chapel leader, and more. 

Cardigan's 2021 Investiture Ceremony

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When Director of Student Life Mr. Nowak completed his remarks in the chapel, Preston and Gustavo announced the names of the students who will be leading their fellow students in each specific role this year. As each new leader came forward, they shook the hand of the one before, then stood together on the steps for the remainder of the ceremony.

The following boys will serve as student leaders during Cardigan’s 2021-2022 academic year:

School Leader
Preston Merrick

Assistant School Leader
Gustavo Struck

Academics Assistant
Reid Gueldenzoph

Athletics Assistant
Jackson Davies

Banks Floor Leader
Robert Burns

Brewster I Co-Floor Leaders
Junhyeong  “Jake” Lee
Ethan Roy

Brewster II Co-Floor Leaders
Carter Davis
Domineaq Taylor

Chapel Leaders
Hudson Heinemann
Sanders Morris

Clark-Morgan Floor Leader
Jiajun “James” Liu

Dewar Co-Floor Leaders
Iñigo Arsuaga de Haro
Zeyu “Engel” Zhang

Dining Room Head Steward
Binxiu “Sean” Qin

Franklin Floor Leader
Hudson Deck

French I Co-Floor Leaders
Koon Chung Hui
James Willett

French II Floor Leader
Jaeson Cabrera

Funnell Floor Leader
Su “Jack” Lin

Green Key Leader
Layton Glover

Greenwood Floor Leader
Yejoon “Leo” Sim

Hayward I Floor Leader
Mateo Escalante

Hayward II Floor Leader
Sechang “Jason” Mah

Health Center Assistant
Rodrigo Carrandi Garza

Hinman I Co-Floor Leaders
Joseph Morse
Jason Jung Lee

Hinman II Floor Leader
Keonha “Sam” Bae

Kitchen Head
James Morse

McCusker I Floor Leader
Liam Murphy

McCusker II Floor Leader
Ho Seok “Ryana” Ham

Student Activities Assistant
Sanggyu “Jayden” Lee

Cardigan's 2021 Investiture Ceremony

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