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Announcing Cardigan’s 2019-20 Student Leaders

Cardigan's Student Leaders

On Thursday night May 9, the Cardigan community convened in the Chapel for the Investiture Assembly. An annual event held every spring, Investiture is the culmination of the lengthy process of selecting the student leaders for following academic year. Fifty-three boys embraced our Core Value of courage and applied for one of the 28 titled positions available, which include school leader, athletics assistant, floor leader, chapel leader, and more.

Director of Student Life Nick Nowak began the proceedings by speaking about the importance of Investiture. “It is significant in both the formality of the ceremony, as well as the tradition it stands for,” said Mr. Nowak. “Tonight’s ceremony continues the long line of tradition, and links each title leader to the boys who have come before.”

Investiture Assembly

📸See photos from the 2019 Investiture Assembly

Following Mr. Nowak’s remarks, each of the School’s current 2018-19 leaders approached the podium and announced the name of the student who will be leading his fellow students in that role next year. As each new leader came forward, he shook the hand of his counterpart and turned for a photo. All of the new 2019-20 leaders then sat together for the remainder of the ceremony.

The following boys will serve as student leaders during Cardigan’s 2019-2020 academic year:

School Leader: Bryce Terry
Assistant School Leader: Heewoo “Hugh” Jung
Athletics Assistant: Yaneik Gallego
Chapel Leader 1: Gabriel Brondel
Chapel Leader 2: Deegan Blasko
Dining Room Head Steward: Seunghun “Thomas” Oh
Green Key: Juno Cowans
Global Community Coordinator: Tom Choi Wo Li
Health Center Assistant: Caden Hutchinson
Jobs Foreman: Qiangang “Sam” Wang
Kitchen Head: Minseok “Brian” Lee
Student Activities Assistant: Santiago “Santi” Bueno Fernandez

Floor Leaders
Banks: Ki “Jerry” Zhang
Brewster I: Bill Ke
Brewster II: Luke Litowitz
Clark-Morgan: Dylan Biggs
Dewar: Xufei “Figo” Wang
Franklin: Robert Blenk
French I: Juno Cowans
French II: Connor Pollard
Funnell: Bochen “Victor” Zhu
Greenwood: Pi Mongkhonvanit
Hayward I: Xuanyu “Tommy” Li
Hayward II: Chenqi “Lucas” Ding
Hinman I: Kaiyi “Kenny” Chen
Hinman II: Diego Escalante
McCusker I: Franklin Chow
McCusker II: Wilfrido Castillo Topete

Video: Cardigan's candidates for School Leader and Assistant School Leader for 2019–2020 address our community before the election was held.

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