Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Registration Procedure

The entire Cardigan community has worked hard toward this week, and we are very excited to welcome the boys back to campus! We have organized the step-by-step registration procedure below to help your family prepare for the big day.

Registration Schedule

  • Friday, August 21: All day students (All day students will be tested at Mascoma Health Center, then asked to quarantine at home to await results of the testing. Day families should not visit campus on Friday, August 21.)
  • Monday, August 24: All boarding 9th graders
  • Tuesday, August 25: Boarding 8th grade group 1
  • Wednesday, August 26: Boarding 8th grade group 2
  • Thursday, August 27: All boarding 6th & 7th graders

Registration Reminders:

  • We highly recommend that students arrive with one, but not more than two adults on registration day. In order to limit exposure for everyone and reduce the number of people in the dormitory, we ask that siblings and extended family members to remain at home on registration day.
  • Please do not arrive on campus without visiting Mascoma Community Health Center for testing. While at MCHC, your son will receive his Cardigan name tag, which will signify to Cardigan staff on campus that he has been through the testing process and is ok to move into his dorm.
  • Everyone will be asked to wear masks and remain physically distanced from others outside their family unit both at the Mascoma Community Health Center and on campus.
  • Please pack as light as possible for your son. 
  • Please pack 12 masks for your son to use this fall.
  • Please pack 2 water bottles for your son to use for fall athletics.
  • We ask families to limit their time on campus to one hour.

Step 1: Arrive at Mascoma Community Health Center 

All families should arrive at Mascoma Community Health Center (MCHC) at their confirmed time. MCHC is located at 18 Roberts Road, Canaan, NH 03741 at the intersection with NH Route 4. There will be Cardigan signs in the MCHC parking lot to help you. If you are running late and will miss your assigned arrival time please call the Administrator on Duty (AOD) at 603-443-6252. Please understand that testing concludes for the day at 6:00 p.m. 

Upon Arriving at MCHC:
  • Please be prepared to wait in your car as each family is personally welcomed. We are expecting as many as eight families per hour, so there may be a short wait as we welcome everyone.
  • Please have your son's medications, supplements, and vitamins in a clearly marked zip-top bag ready to turn in to Cardigan's Health Center team.
  • Please have your son's Cardigan laptop computer in a clearly marked zip-top bag ready to turn in to Cardigan's Technology Office for updating.

Step 2: Receive Your Name Tag

As Cardigan's staff welcomes you outside MCHC, all students and parents will receive a name tag. Parents will only need this for the time they are at MCHC and on campus, but students will need to keep their name tag for several days.

Step 3: Proceed Inside MCHC

Once inside MCHC, you will be greeted by Cardigan School Counselor Trish Hutchinson who will conduct pre-screening of all students and parents, including temperature checks.

Step 4: Testing

Our nurses will test all students for COVID-19. Faculty and staff have been tested and describe the feeling as a "tickle" and "easier than I thought."

Step 5: Meet the Student Health Center Nurses

Drop off your son's medications, supplements, and vitamins with our Health Center Team. Please have all items organized in a clearly labeled zip-top bag.

Step 6: Turn In Your Son’s Laptop

All returning students should turn in their Cardigan laptop to our Technology Team for updating. Please have the laptop in a clearly labeled zip-top bag. New students will receive their Cardigan laptop in a few days.

Step 7: Meet Joe Cougar

You will meet Cardigan's mascot, Joe Cougar, who will provide more information about the day and the fall, including Cardigan's Annual Auction.

Step 8: Depart MCHC for Campus

While you are at MCHC, you will receive your son's dormitory assignment. As you depart MCHC, turn right on Roberts Road. At the end of Roberts Road, turn left onto Canaan Street. At the Cardigan Mountain School sign, bear right onto Prospect Hill Road, then right onto Back Bay Road.

Step 9: Arrive on campus at the entrance on Back Bay Road

As you turn into Back Bay Road, you will be greeted by Director of Student Life Nick Nowak, Dean of Students Danielle Fedele, and Assistant Dean of Academics Jarrod Caprow. They will direct you to your son's dormitory.

At the dorm, you will be greeted by your son's dorm parents and learn who his roommate is. Please follow the direction of the dorm parent or other attending staff when unpacking and moving in.

Dormitory Move-In Information
  • In order to maintain social distancing, only one student can move into a room at a time, so please understand that some families may need to wait for a short time for the room to become available.
  • We ask that all families limit their time on campus helping their son to settle in to one hour.
  • Please wear a mask and respect social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • If Cardigan stored your son's belongings over the summer, we will transfer them to his room and they should be there upon your arrival.
  • Cardigan will have snackboxes available for parents as they depart the dorm.



Helpful Contacts

Josh LeRoy
Assistant Head of School & 
Dean of Faculty

Steve Solberg
Assistant Head of School &
Chief Financial Officer

Joe Burnett
Director of Development & 
International Relations

Jamie Welsh
Dean of Academics

Nick Nowak
Director of Student Life

Danielle Fedele
Dean of Students

Karen Gray
Director of Health Services

Trish Hutchinson
School Counselor

Erzi Willems
Travel Coordinator

Nichole Marcy

Ryan Frost
Director of Athletics

Chip Audett
Director of Admissions

Michel Gray
Director of Technology

Kris Langetieg
Director of Secondary School Counseling