Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9
Cardigan Chronicle

Cardigan Chronicle

Published twice each year, this is the School’s signature print publication that provides feature articles and alumni class notes, updates on academic programs and campus projects, photographs from events that happen throughout the year, and much more.

Cardigan Chronicle, Winter 2024

Cardigan Chronicle
Volume 74 | Issue 1

In this issue of the Chronicle, we view Cardigan through a macro lens, focusing on the everyday moments and the daily conversations between students, faculty, and staff that define the spirit of both the institution and the individuals who call The Point home. Most schools have a mission and usually some version of core values. But how many schools live up to their lofty goals—written in decades or even centuries past? When daily schedules overwhelm and weariness sets in, how many schools remain true to what they say in their aspirational proclamations?

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Winter 2024 Feature

Educating the Spirit

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