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A brief respite from what has been a series of winter whiplashes in April at the Point provided the Green Tennis Team the opportunity to continue it’s round robin singles tournament. Halfway through the tournament, played on Saturday, Jason Lee ’21 and Mateo Escalante ’22 are leading the group in points, having been undefeated. Within striking distance are Alejandro Rojas ‘22; Gustavo Struck ’22; and Michael Liu ’22. Indy Grossbard ’22, a more recent addition to the team also staged an upset over a more experienced player.

The highlight of Saturday’s events was the match between two of the younger players on the team; Alex Wang ’23 and Sungyun Kim ’23.

Both boys played tenaciously, forcing a tie-breaker. All other matches, having been completed, the coaches summoned the rest of the team to watch the two youngsters play their tie-breaker. Wang and Kim did not disappoint the gallery. The first point of the tie breaker involved 12 strokes, prompting the gallery to rise to their feet and applauded the two combatants. Throughout the tie breaker, the concentration and determination of both boys did not waver. Kim eventually prevailed with a score of 8-6. Clearly, the coaches are pleased with the bright prospects for the varsity tennis team when interscholastic competition resumes – soon!

Win Green Tennis

This season’s Green Tennis team consists of 16 boys with varying levels of skills and competitive experiences. A typical practice begins with dynamic stretches, which is designed to prevent injury, particularly on cold New Hampshire spring days! After the warm-ups, the boys go through a progression of skills. Footwork is a key element of tennis. To emphasize this, the boys go through a series of conditioning exercises before working on their tennis skill set.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the boys are pitted against each other in doubles and singles. The double pairings are assigned by the coaches. During these doubles matches, the coaches take time to point out smarter and more effective strategies.

The sixteen boys have also begun a round robin singles tournament. They are learning how to compete against skillful players as well as players of lesser ability all a while becoming more tenacious and determined.

Both coaches are pleased with everyone’s improvement and positive attitudes displayed in practice and in tournament matches.

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