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JV Tennis

Coaching Staff

Eric Escalante, Head Coach
Zach Taylor, Assistant


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*Adam Becht, Enfield, NH
Gabe Brondel, Canaan, NH
Lucas Ding, Beijing, China
Mateo Escalante, Canaan, NH
Nicolas Gomez, Zapopan, Mexico
*Jason Jiang, Beijing, China
Michael Liu, Qindao, China
Jack Marshard, West Tisbury, MA
Bernardo Matute, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Pi Mongkhonvanit, Bangkok, Thailand
Jack Ren, Shenzen, China
Jerry Tian, Shenzen, China
Diego Villarreal, Monterrey, Mexico

*Team Captain

Scores & Results

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Recent Game Recaps

Loss 3-7

To close out the season, the Cougars hosted their friendly rivals, the Eagles. The Cougars fought a good fight, but in the end, our friends from Eaglebrook won the day in JV tennis. Jack Ren ‘19, Diego Villarreal ‘19 and Mateo Escalante ‘22 all won their singles matches. Several other matches were very close, but the Cougars couldn’t quite close them out. Have a great summer, boys, and we look forward to next year’s JV tennis season!

St. Paul's School
Loss 2-7

The Cardigan Cougars JV Tennis Team traveled to St. Paul’s to face off with the Pelicans once again. The Cougars opened the season with the Pelicans and it was fur over feathers; the Cougars won, 7-2. This time the Pelicans returned the favor and it was feathers over fur; the Cougars lost, 2-7. In both matchups, the scores didn’t truly reflect how competitive the matches were. The Cougars look forward to playing the Pelicans again next year. Go Cougars!

Lakes Region
Other 3rd

The Cardigan Cougars JV Tennis Team hosted the Lakes Region JV Tournament and finished in third place. Jason Jiang ‘20 battled his way to the semifinals. Adam Becht ’19 and Bernardo Matute ’20 were finalists in the #1 doubles round. In order to get to the finals, they beat out a really strong doubles team from KUA. In the end, Becht and Matute were disappointed to lose to a team from Brewster, but it’s moments like these that help the Cougars become better players. Michael Liu ’20 and Diego Villarreal ’19 also had a strong finish, ending with a presence in the #2 doubles finals. After being ahead 5-2, Liu and Villareal lost 6-8 to an undefeated team from KUA; One member of the KUA doubles team was a Cardigan alumnus, Jake Wennik ’17. Though the Cougars didn’t end with any championships in any of the brackets, they showed their strength on the court with a very strong presence in the finals. We’ll be back next year!

Vermont Academy
Win 8-1

The Cardigan Cougars JV Tennis Team hosted the Wildcats from Vermont Academy. Though there are a lot of cats in the Lakes Region, the Cougars proved to be the top cat on this day. Jack Ren ‘19, Jason Jiang ‘20, Adam Becht ‘19, Bernardo Matute ’20, and Michael Liu ’21 all swiftly defeated their opponents. Diego Villarreal ’19 struggled a bit to start, but ultimately found his stride and won 8-6. Mateo Escalante ’22 and Nico Gomez ’21 paired up in doubles as well as Jerry Tian ’19 and Jack Marshard ’20 and both pairs walked away victorious after playing well as a team covering the net and baseline through good communication. Gabe Brondel ’20 and Pi Mongkhonvanit ’20 served a strong game and hit some beautiful cross court winners, but were edged out 6-8.

Dublin School
Loss 3-6

After several cancellations by other teams, the Cardigan JV Tennis Team traveled to the Dublin School to take on the mighty Wildcats. Facing their varsity squad, the Cougars fought a good fight, but were overcome by the Wildcats’ power and ball placement. Some highlights are as follows:

o Jack Ren ‘19 lost 3-8 to a senior in high school, but in good old Ren fashion battled hard with some incredible forehands and unbelievable saves.

o Adam Becht ‘19 was matched up against a very strong opponent and did all he could to stay in the game, hitting some amazing forehands. In the end, he was bested 1-8.

o Bernardo Matute ‘20 also lost to a senior in high school who sliced his way to victory. Matute played a smart game, but ultimately lost due to his own unforced errors.

o Jason Jiang ‘20 won 8-5 against a very jolly opponent. Jiang effectively moved his opponent around the court, forcing him to make mistakes.

o Michael Liu ‘21 dominated his match and won 8-2. What seemed like a close matchup to start was quickly turned into a decisive victory as Liu strategically moved his opponent around the court with topspin forehands, slices, and strong serves.

o Diego Villarreal ‘20 played a very consistent game and easily won his match 8-4.

o Mateo Escalante ‘22 and Nico Gomez ‘21 doubled up and played some great tennis, but were ultimately beat 3-8 by a much more seasoned Dublin duo.

o Pi Mongkhonvanit ‘20 and Gabe Brondel ‘20 played strong, but were bested 2-8 by another set of high school seniors. The boys were great sportsmen and enjoyed a fun game on picturesque courts.

o Jerry Tian ‘19 and Jack Marshard ‘20 played hard, but lost 6-8 in a nail-biting finish. In a match up that could have gone either way, the two Cougars kept the score neck and neck.

o Lucas Ding ‘20 and Jack Ren ‘19 played a great doubles exhibition match and easily won 8-3.

We look forward to seeing you at our next match as we host Vermont Academy this coming Wednesday. Go Cougars!

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