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Thirds Mountain Biking

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Nina Silitch, Head Coach
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Jaeson CabberaBoston, MA
Fran ConchaMexico City, Mexico
Cristobal Lopez Mexico City, Mexico
Boo PilaroSouthampton, NY
George WilkinsEvanston, IL
Stuart WindsorYoungsville, LA

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Recent Game Recaps

Lakes Region Championships

The Cardigan Thirds and Reserve Mountain Bike Teams had their final race on Saturday at Franklin Falls. This was not just a regular race, but the Championship and the Cougars worked very hard in preparation for the event. In the final two weeks of practice, the Cougars continued to work on their skills in the field, completed new features in the woods, and pushed their endurance on some very hilly, dirt road rides. The Cougars even got off-campus and road at the Green Woodlands, testing their abilities on new trails. All of the training showed in this final race, where every single Thirds and Reserve rider completed in the C race.

The course was long and all the boys pushed themselves to do their best, making it up every hill and around all the tight corners. Jaeson Cabrera ‘22 finished the race before a lot of the JV riders. Another highlight was watching Francisco Concha ‘21 and Salvador Rey Kamar ‘20 work together throughout the entire race, pushing each other to the finish line. The coaching staff is very proud of the boys and all the hard work they put into this race, and all season long. It was very fun to watch them grow and compete throughout the season.

Wednesday, October 16th was an epic day for the 3rds/ Reserves Mt Bike team. Not only was this race on Cardigan’s home turf, but the Cougars had been working on their skills and endurance over the past six weeks to participate on this day. What made this day historic was that the entire Cougar team, both 3rds and reserves, raced the C race which included two full C laps. One of the team’s goals this year was to ride the C Race by the end of the season; they have reached this goal with time to spare. Another highlight was Jaeson Cabrera ‘21 and Boo Pilaro ‘20 finishing 39th/40th respectively in the C category with a field of over 70 racers. With just two weeks to go in the season, the Cougars are looking forward to continuing to hone both skills and endurance on some off campus rides at the Greens-Woodlands and, in doing so, prepare for the final championship race of the season, on November 2nd.


Saturday, October 5th, 2019 was a historic day for the Thirds and Reserve Mountain Biking teams, and one that will be long remembered. On this day, a group of 10 courageous Cougars gathered, most of whom had never ridden a mountain bike before the start of the season, to take on a challenge they had been preparing to face for weeks; Eaglebrook Day. It wasn't an easy challenge to take on, but they didn't do it because it was easy, they did it because it was hard. The Cougars demonstrated tremendous amounts of grit. They respected the send, and they respected the climb.

At the end of the day, the Cardigan team had swept the podium in the C-Class with top finishers Salvador Kamar ‘20, Fran Concha ‘21 and Boo Pilaro ‘20 taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Every rider on the team worked incredibly hard to make it to the point where they were able to complete their first C-class race, and the coaching staff could not be more proud of their accomplishments. Concha, Stuart Windsor ‘22, Kamar, Sam Bae ‘22, Abraham Shepherd ‘23, Solmon Kim ‘22, Cristobal Lopez ‘20, George Wilkins ‘20, Pilaro; all champions, regardless of where they placed in the race. The Cardigan squad demonstrated they all have the heart of the Cougar.

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