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Win Pennacook 10 - Abenaki 6

The Varsity Lacrosse Green Group's - White Abenaki vs. Green Pennacook - scrimmage was moved up to Tuesday due to impending bad weather forecasted on Wednesday. The early game day must have jump-started the Pennacook Team, who came out firing on all cylinders. In the previous two games, Pennacook had progressively showed improvements in each game. Possessing all the right parts to be successful, Pennacock moved together from the start of game three, jumping out to a nine-goal lead. The goals came early and often for Pennacook in what was a frustrating outing for Abenaki. Pennacook made it more difficult for Abenaki to possess the ball with intense pressure from the midfield. Miles Kim '21, Connor Hennessey '21, and Brendan Powers '21 played better body position defense and controlled the ball while making smart plays on the offensive end. Jack Dec '21 looked even more comfortable in the cage, making save after save with the help of great defense from his teammates. Jack Roberts '21 continued his domination on the field, helping to break the ball out of the back and created several fastbreak opportunities.

For the Abenaki Team, Tedy O'Keefe '21 continued his dominance at the face-off X, but Pennacook's Church Salathe '22 came in to help out his team, winning several face-offs and making it difficult for O'Keefe to take every draw. As the 4th quarter got underway, Abenaki found themselves in an unusual position trailing Pennacook 10-1. At that point, O'Keefe took over at the face-off X and was not to be denied winning all face-offs and creating several fast breaks. Conley Bohan '21 took the team on his shoulders, and with help from his teammates, rallied off a five-goal scoring drive to put the game back in question, putting Pennacook on their heels. Despite this, the clock caught up to Abenaki and Pennacook took their first Heritage Cup win of the season.

Win Abenaki 10 - Pennacook 8

In another great Heritage Cup Matchup, the Pennacook Team came out firing, ready to redeem their first loss to Abenaki. Pennacook took an early lead off solid play from their offense, but Abenaki was not going down without a fight. The matchup saw several lead changes and was tied or a one-goal differential most of the game. The teams battled hard with significant improvement from the goalies and defenses. The Pennacook defense (Preston Merrick '22, Damian Zhu '21, Jack Roberts '21, and Jack Dec '21) picked up where they left off in the previous game playing more aggressively and making it difficult for the Abenaki offense to set up and score. Tedy O'Keefe '21 continued his dominance at the face-off X, but Aidan Doyle '22 and Mark Anstiss '21, with support from their wings, battled O'Keefe all game long. Miles Kim '21, Brendan Powers '21, and Connor Hennessey '21 stepped up their play, helping to lead the way for Team Pennacook, giving them a lead late in the game. Despite this, the Abenaki defense (Sam Pfefferle '21, Dom Taylor '22, and Beau Brissette '21, supported Jackson Davies '22 in the cage) were still able to get the ball on offense a few extra times late in the game. This allowed Connly Bohan '21, Brendan Agnew '21, and Danny Valenti '21, along with the rest of the Abenaki offense, to finish out the game and seal the win. Stay tuned as the teams will face off again next Saturday, as Pennacook looks to pick up their first win.

Win Team Abenaki 12, Team Pennacook 6

The Cardigan Varsity Lacrosse Team - also known as the Green Team this season - did not lack competition amongst itself on Tuesday, April 20th. In the first Green vs White scrimmage of the season, the Varsity Lacrosse Team was split into two teams named after local New Hampshire Native American tribes in honor of the roots and heritage of the great game of lacrosse. In the end, Team Abenaki defeated team Pennacook, 12-6. During the game, Team Abenaki held control early on due to the great faceoff work of Teddy O'Keefe ‘21 and strong goalie play from Jackson Davies ‘22. Team Abenaki spread the scoring out but controlled the game on strong midfield play and solid defense. Despite the early lead, Team Pennacook made some adjustments at the half to help on the face-off X and the Pennacook defense rose to the challenge with excellent play from Jack Roberts ‘21 and great improvement and determination in the second half from Damian Zhu ‘21 and Preston Merrick ‘22. Overall, it was a great day and the boys look forward to challenging each other again this coming Saturday. Stay tuned for updates. The game’s video will soon be posted to our other social media channels.


Varsity Green 2021 (30) Weekend Game 1
Abenaki Week 1 GreenPennacook Week 1 WhiteLate Drafts Prospects Post Injury
Davies, Jackson Goalie1Dec, Jack Goalie27Romano, Maximus (Max) (M/A)22
Bohan, Conley (A/M)30Kim, Miles (M/A)11Schilcher, Paul (M) Possible Pole7
Commerford, Daniel (Danny) (A/M)9Salathe, Churchill (Church) (M/A)4Diemar, John (Jack) (D/LSM)14
Miles, Zachary (Zach) (M)8Hennessey, John (Connor) (M)21
Willett, James (M)13Allison, Grady (A)2
Agnew, Brendan (M)16Anstiss, Mark (M)20
O’Keefe, Edward (Tedy) (M/A)12Gueldenzoph, Reid (M)6
Ouattara, Zoumana (A)31Doyle, Aidan (M)8
Paul, Landon (M)29Powers, Brendan (M)15
Valenti, Daniel (Danny) (M)17Wang, Jiachi (Sean) (M)5
Pfefferle, Samuel (D/LSM)19Roberts, Jack (D/LSM)34
Taylor, Domineaq (Dom) (D/LSM/M)3Zhu, Zi (Damian) (D/LSM)23
Brissette, Beau (D/LSM)10Merrick, Preston (D/LSM)24
Murphy, Treva (D)18

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